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Australia - National Anthem - to tune of "Waltzing Matilda" chorus

Benedict 16's agenda for "reform of the reform"

Buddhism - reflection on Buddhism

China -  important books/articles

Church Issues 2011 (links from weekly diary)

Church Issues 2010 (links from weekly diary)

Church - What should the church be like? 

Climate Change

Earthquakes: a link with Nuclear Testing?  

Economic Communities - the way to avoid regional conflicts

Education Goal Posts  

Fair Trade  


Farm World   

Future Society - essential elements of society in the future

Grover's Disease  


Hong Kong English  


Hong Kong Prison Sentences

Jobs for Ex-Prisoners??  

Lantau Island - Tai O  

Liturgy: Suggestions for Advent-Christmas-Lent        Easter-Pentecost

Map of world, based on population of each country

Media Ownership - who controls the world's media, especially in USA?  

Media: The Reporting of Suicide  2001 (update Aug 2002: HK Press Council announced new guidelines for reporting of photos/names etc....DG!)

Microwave Warning  

Middle East File  

Minimum Wage

Model Prison in China

Optional Celibacy

The next pope - a load of rubbish

The Paradox of our Time  


Prayer center for home


Zhu Rongji's Dream  

Downhill Power (under construction)

Wash and Flush (under construction)

I was in Prison (under construction)

Working in the Rain (under construction)

Wages, hours, conditions, holidays (under construction)