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Cozzens, Donald:      The Changing Face of the Priesthood            Freeing Celibacy

Robinson, Geoff:    Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church

2012-10-10: An elephant in the room:  homosexuality in priesthood and religious life

2011-09-19  Compulsory celibacy strangling church

2011-09-13  Bishop of Derry calls for end to compulsory celibacy

2010-11-04  Pope Benedict gets the celibacy question backward

2010-10-04  "The problem is not celibacy, but the way celibacy is lived"  ??

2010-07-25 ABC radio program: Donald Cozzens - priesthood &  other issues  (click "Download MP3")
- 3 people, two of them  sure like big words,  Fr Cozzens easy to understand and program worth listening to for his important sharing.
A lesson in how not to conduct an interview ....so many  interruptions......please let us hear more of Fr Cozzens' wisdom!

2010-07-22  Sex crisis in priesthood

2010-06-09  Mandatory celibacy at the heart of what's wrong

 2010-06  Should celibacy be optional, not compulsory, for priests?   BBC - includes interview with Bishop Geoff Robinson of Australia

2010-05-19 USA father of six to be ordained a priest - "a special exception"

Catholic Church needs total reform
(Bishop Pat Power)
- while people like Bishop Pat are calling for the church to be more humble, more simple, avoiding the trappings of power etc., last week in Washington D.C.  a U.S. cardinal said a Tridentine Mass with all the trappings, including a 20 yard (!) "superman" cape  - see especially the second picture in this report
- this BBC report on Toyota has many similarities to present church situation: problems,  unwillingness to change etc
- open letter from Hans Kung to Catholic bishops

The future?
- Reflections of Fr W. Steckling, OMI leader
- Is middle ground possible?
(John Allen)
- Bishops: "sorry";    Vatican: "idle gossip"
- 50,000 protestants at Vatican October 31?
- a Year of Shame?  (by a former priest)
- Pope should resign?

2010-05-13 Austrian bishop questions celibacy

2010-04-28 Secret sex in the celibate system

2010-04-17 Pornography makes it hard to stay celibate, bishop says

comment on above from Cath News:
Yes Bishop, celibacy is difficult. Seeing people enjoying sex on TV or the internet is going to get you aroused; but also seeing couples eating at a restaurant, or walking along a beach at sunset, or watching a family enjoy a picnic, might make you feel lonely.
When you have finished your mass on Saturday night and you are sitting alone in front of you television or computer, what are you going to watch, how are you going to relax?
Once you have done your church work, how do you relax and recoup your energy to start again?
What is missing in the celibacy requirement, is recognition of the legitimate needs of the human being who has taken on the mission to serve the catholic church.
We can be attracted to an ideal, but we have to live with reality. To think the reality of human sexuality can be turned off for a good cause is heroic but foolish.
Celibacy might be emblematic of priestly commitment and a display of the power of Rome to control the people who would answer the call to serve the Church but it has little to do with human reality. That is why it is difficult.
Compulsory celibacy is not Christ centered, not Christian, not life centered, it's not loving, it does not help people to grow, it's just an imposition. If it was chosen, if it was optional, it might be all the above, but its not. And Rome has to answer for that.

Posted By: Martin Nicol

Keeping the record straight on Benedict and the crisis  - John Allen
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