Church Issues 2010   (from weekly diary )                (see also Church issues 2011)

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- priest risks his job by publicly calling for  women priests
- interview with Hans Kung
- scathing report on new missal's mistakes   sent to bishops
- Pope Benedict gets the celibacy question backward (ok till last paragraph ..)
- important article  on Islam - Christianity relationship

ABC radio program: Donald Cozzens - abuse and other issues  (click "Download MP3")
- 3 people, two of them  sure like big words, but Fr Cozzens easy to understand and program worth listening to for his important sharing.
A lesson in how not to conduct an interview many  interruptions......please let us hear more of Fr Cozzens' wisdom!

Mutiny rumblings among senior Australian clergy
New English Missal - latest from "What if we just said wait" - new translation "up in the air"

Church leadership lacking - a most important article

Should celibacy be optional, not compulsory, for priests? 
(excellent program from BBC - includes interview with Bishop Geoff Robinson of Australia)

Matteo Ricci during 400 years of changing papal policies

- Catholic Church needs total reform (Bishop Pat Power)
- while people like Bishop Pat are calling for the church to be more humble, more simple, avoiding the trappings of power etc., last week in Washington D.C.  a U.S. cardinal said a Tridentine Mass with all the trappings, including a 20 yard (!) "superman" cape  - see especially the second picture in this report
- this BBC report on Toyota has many similarities to present church situation: problems,  unwillingness to change etc
- open letter from Hans Kung to Catholic bishops ....."must read"   (if print is too small, increase "100%" at bottom right of screen)

- Turn this dreadful moment into a graced moment (Fr Michael Ryan)

- church of the future will be smaller?
- Reflections of Fr W. Steckling, OMI leader
- Is middle ground possible?
(John Allen)
- Bishops: "sorry";    Vatican: "idle gossip"
- 50,000 protestants at Vatican October 31?
- a Year of Shame?  (by a former priest)
- Pope should resign?

- Keeping the record straight on Benedict and the crisis  - John Allen
- Italy next - Guardian- Trying to make sense of the whole business - John Allen  (an unusually strong article by his standards)
- Ratzinger's Responsibility - Hans Kung

- Kung's full statement re compulsory celibacy
Celibacy linked to abuse - Kung

Previous items re new missal:

update on coming (2011) new missal   Official site of new missal 
- with many samples of changes 
Petition to try to stop new book 
(I have signed it ....hope others will too)
 Battle lines in liturgy wars 
 (this whole issue is about....p o w e r)
What if priests refuse to use new book? ...a good idea....  NCR Interview with Fr Ryan
Background info 01 Background info 02 Humpty Dumpty at Vatican - Asian anxiety 

Cardinal Zen's comments need grain of salt