Lantau Island - Tai O





In the 1960's, Tai O had a population of about 30,000.
Now  the population is decreasing rapidly
Reason: no jobs + difficult &  expensive transport

1. Create more jobs: let some Government office/centre/educational institution be established in Tai O.
Let some big companies (with the help of a reduction in tax) establish factories in Tai O

2. Build a new road to Tai O: along the coast from Hau Wong temple to Sha Lo Wan.
Link Sha Lo Wan by bridge to the end of Chek Lap Kok.
Then people could go by road from Tai to Tung Chung in 10 minutes (instead of the present terrible mountain trip of 45 minutes).

Tai O is one of Hong Kong's most precious historical towns. It should be saved and developed as a tourist and cultural heritage centre. But it needs jobs and it needs transport.

p.s. In 2001, the Hong Kong Government has HK$400,000,000,000 in the bank. The above road project would cost less than  the recent Discovery Bay tunnel (about $20,000,000?)

More information:  Mr Joe Wong - 97606816 - Representative of Tai O & Sham Shek Villages