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New book about Rwanda massacre:  "I Shook Hands with the Devil"  by Canadian General Dallaire (in charge of UN mission at the time)

An Ordinary Man (how Paul Rusesabagina saved 1,200 people at his hotel during the genocide in Rwanda)

2007-05-19 How Hollywood made America care about Darfur

2007-04-16 Crisis turns to catastrophe in Chad

2007-03-14 World stands by while Darfur burns  

2007-01-11  France's shame

2006-05-28 Chinese peacekeepers in Sudanกก

Africa - A temporary solution

Problem: Africa is in a many countries burdened with corrupt/inept governments

Temporary solution: after  referendum approval, a country invites the United Nations to set up a temporary (3-5 year) administration, using as much local talent as possible, but power taken out of hands of corrupt officials