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Doesn't concern me?
If I live in the developed world it very much concerns me.....from the tea and coffee I drink to the clothes I wear to the shops where I buy things to the companies I have shares in, to the terrorism that fills our daily news.....in fact, my concern or lack thereof will change/continue a situation that is as evil as slavery

For over 1,500 years  most people, including Christians, were unable or unwilling to do anything about slavery.  About 200 years ago some people, mainly Protestant Christians, started speaking up against slavery. And slavery was eventually abolished

For hundreds of years most people, including Christians, were unable or unwilling to do anything about un-fair trade. In recent decades some people, mainly Christians, have been speaking up against un-fair trade.  Please God un-fair trade will eventually be abolished

Why didn't more people, especially Christians, particularly Catholics, act earlier to abolish slavery?
Most appropriate answer is a red face, despite scholars efforts to deflect the blame.
Why don't more people, especially Christians, particularly Catholics, do more to abolish un-fair trade?
How many dioceses/parishes have/support an Oxfam Fair Trade shop?
How many ordinary people are even aware of the un-fair trade situation?
Un-fairness in trade is one of the main reasons for resentment/anger against the developed world, one of the main breeding grounds for international terrorism.
A practical  way for ordinary people to fight terrorism is to abolish one of its main causes: un-fair trade

Oxfam general info re fair trade
List of Oxfam fair trade shops in Australia (click box at top left)    (includes gift voucher info)
 Make Trade Fair Slavery  (not yet fully abolished...)
"The Age of Consent" (Chapter 6, p.181ff, re fair trade)   by George Monbiot

A Hope: someone (the churches/relgions?) organize a world conference on fair trade, to be held in a poor country.
Not a W.T.O. conference whose agenda and decisions are controlled/gagged by the wealthy nations, but a genuinely free conference which would allow real sharing

Date: 8/12/2004 04:22:02 +0100
From: Oxfam Trade Campaign <oxfam@oxfam.org>
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Subject: Thank you for emailing George Bush All headers Your email has been sent to George Bush. Thank you for your support. We will keep you up to date on any news as it occurs.

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Email George Bush

More than 10 million West Africans farmers and their families will benefit hugely from a WTO ruling this week that US cotton dumping is illegal and must be stopped. A key player in the case told us that the actions of the Make Trade Fair campaign, its supporters and allies made a big contribution to achieving this result. Your campaigning does make a difference!

This is a major victory in the fight to make trade fair and we could start to see a domino effect of unfair trade rules falling away.

But all is not won. There are elements in the US and EU who will fight back to defend the multi-million dollar interests of big business in continuing this dumping. Please e-mail President Bush and ask him to implement the legally binding ruling, which will help West African farmers and their families work their way out of poverty.

Email George Bush

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