Economic Communities - the way to avoid regional conflicts (May 2002)

* After World War 2, European leaders had the vision to set up the European Economic Community (EEC), not just for economic reasons, but also to prevent future wars.

* The G7, China &Russia  -  instead of selling arms to conflict zones like India/Pakistan and  the Middle East -  should be arming sellers/companies with the bullets of business, the guns of guidance, the rockets of research, the missiles of methodology.....

* Please God there will soon be:

+ The African Economic Community  (update 2002-07-09: The African Union  launched today. AU has 53 nation members)

+ The Middle-East Economic Community

+ The Sub-Continent Economic Community

+ The South East Asian Economic Community

+ The East Asian Economic Community

+ The Central Asian Economic Community

+ The Pacific Economic Community

+ The North American Economic Community (...already existing..)

+ The South American Economic Community

* In time, some of these Communities could merge: e.g. North & South America, East Asian & South East Asian etc

* Eventually.....The World Economic Community......DV