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a dream......(many of whose ideas are incorporated by Family First (Australia)!)

The  world's  first  global    political  party,   founded  July 3, 2000    not  in  any one  country  but  on  the www:       

No donations, no fund-raising

No meetings, no committees

No constitutions, no laws

Just one guiding policy: put the family first!

Which means: give top priority to the things that support family life:

housing, education, health,  employment, safe environment.

Wanted: candidates in every political region of every country in the world!

...Why not just support existing political parties?

"New wine, new containers".  Existing parties are not free to put the family first. They must put first  what their  financial supporters tell them to put first.  Not very often the family.

All over the world, ordinary people are sick and tired of existing political parties. There is so much corruption, so much seeking of power. Most politicians spend most of their  time, energy and money on getting power, then keeping power. Most present political parties spend most of their time not fighting issues (e.g the need for better education, health care etc) but fighting each other.
Young, idealistic people who join parties are soon disillusioned by the in-fighting and back-stabbing that goes on during pre-selection.

This sick situation reaches its heights when huge amounts of government money can be found for "defence", arms sales, wars (+ presidential palaces & tours)....but not much money is available for education, housing, health etc.  So many governments, so many political parties put the family way down the list of priorities.  See: Transparency International

So, ordinary people are saying: enough is enough, let's start a new party that has one and only one concern: the family first.

Let's form a new party. With a  candidate in every region of the world. Their very presence will put pressure on existing parties to give more support to family life. If they can achieve success and be elected to different levels of government, they will be a strong lobby force for family life. If they can eventually attain government, they will change the face of society.

A wild dream? Impossible?

Not really. With the internet a world wide global political party is just as possible as a global business or banking organisation. This is a global world. It's time that politics went global! 

Where do we start?

Nominate a suitable candidate for your political area. If that candidate (yourself?!) agrees, he/she will be the officially nominated candidate for the next election in your area. Then let's use the internet to drum up support for that candidate.  No meetings, just a global www site, with a link to a www site in each country, on which discussions can be held and ideas shared about helping your candidate "run". No budget, no fund-raising, no meetings.....just the internet.

There's enough resources, money, expertise to solve the poverty of the world.  There's enough resources, money and skill to provide education, housing, health for everyone. It's not a question of governments UNABLE to achieve these goals. It's a question of governments being UNWILLING to achieve these goals.

Let's produce a new political ball-game. A political party totally dedicated  and willing to achieve "family" goals.

....Will need to be registered in each country?
No:  let each candidate register as an "independent"....but the whole world will know, via the internet,  that he/she is !   If an already elected politician is strongly pro-family,  he/she can be a  representative whom we will fully support.