Photos 2017

Dec 26-31: Photos from Mexico and South America

Oct 16: "When you have a party, invite the poor..."

Sep 10: Kuala Lumpur

Aug 30: Plaque for opening of Mercy Centre for homeless men, Cheung Chau

Aug 23: Typhoon Hato - Signal No. 10 (highest signal)

Aug14:  Mercy Centre, Cheung Chau Island - for homeless men ... providing them with employment as well as accommodation ... starting today

Aug 1: A double shipment received from the printer

July 6: Thursday night meal for homeless people - in a new location.

Ap 27: Function organised by South African Consulate to mark Freedom Day

Ap 29: After visit to inmates at drug treatment centre on Hei Ling Chau Island with HK Vicar General Fr Dominic Chan and prison chaplains' coordinator Deacon Edwin Ng

Sat April 15: Easter Vigil Mass and meal at Sant'Egido Centre, Jordan.

Mar 18: In Pictures: Temple Street building inspires Australian artist to create meticulously detailed model
(I live in Temple Street, 5 mins from this building! Sadly, building now in disrepair. March 19, 2017 photo)

Mar 17: Corner of Battery Street and Nanking Street, Jordan

Mar 16:Thursday night meal with homeless people who sleep at McDonald's

Mar 14:  Article in today's Ming Pao newspaper: Woo Kwok Hing - a Jordan baby!

Mar 9: Thursday night meal - Paul, Tony and I with homeless people

Feb 23, 2017:  Meal at McDonald's for 5 homeless people (who sleep at McDonald's) 

Feb 4:  items from families in Southern Africa for inmates in prison in Hong Kong

Jan 26, 2017 - Lusaka, Zambia - radio station, parish church, "BECs"

Jan 23: Road Lodge Motel in Johannesburg where I stayed Dec 28 to Jan 13 and Jan 20 to Jan 23

Jan 19:  Durban, South Africa

Jan 19: South Beach, Durban, South Africa

Jan16: Views to and from Roma, Lesotho, location of grave of  Blessed Joseph Gerard O.M.I. 

Jan 14: Lesotho

Jan 6: Gathering for four very special families at Boxburg, Johannesburg

Jan 4: Evaton West, one hour south of Johannesburg, South Africa

Jan: 3: Johannesburg, South Africa - meal with a special family