January 19, 2017  Durban, South Africa

 An O.M.I. priest kindly took me for a tour of some of Durban's "rough areas" ... then a visit to a church ....then a meal and chat with a local Nigerian football coach who really helped me understand more about the poverty and unemployment situation in Nigeria which is a breeding ground for the recruitment of drug mules who in turn often become drug lords in other countries.

That conversation had a big influence on me. Before it I'd thought "No, I don't want to go to Nigeria ...too dangerous, Nigerians don't like me etc". But after the conversation I've started praying more positively for Nigeria and begun thinking that if, God willing, I'm able to make a 4th missionary journey to Africa (in January 2018) it might be to Nigeria. Meal with coach was in a rough area of town, in a Nigerian canteen ....and all the men in and outside were talking about only one thing: not drugs, but the Africa Cup!!!

(date on photos should be Jan 19, not Jan 20)