January 4, 2017 - Evaton West, one hour south of Johannesburg, South Africa


Mercedes taxi ....bought second hand by driver in 2010 ...maybe now 20 years old....such good quality cars are very common here ....although I must admit it's a bit strange for me riding in a Mercedes

2017-01-04-Evaton-West-01.JPG (189933 bytes)   2017-01-04-Evaton-West-02.JPG (260650 bytes)   2017-01-04-Evaton-West-03.JPG (186320 bytes)

One of the older boys in the photo ...aged about 16....not long after the photo was taken, saw a woman aged about 30 on the other side of the street....and went over to her and started fondling her breasts, against her will. I signaled to him to stop, which he did. But I got the impression it's just a game ....which explains why South Africa has one of the highest rape rates in the world