2015-01-22 to 2015-01-26  

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 Tue Jan 27


Tanzania's elections are due to be held on the last Sunday of October this year. Please pray that Dr Slaa will help Tanzania follow Indonesia and Sri Lanka in electing a good president to counter long years of corruption ....for which aim of course he is not popular in certain sections of society ...his life is in danger. Jesus, please protect him!

Last night Dr Slaa  kindly made two special recordings for the inmates in HK (and for the general Tz community):
Audio 1 (English)
Audio 2 (Swahili)
He was visibly moved as he finished the recordings

Dr Slaa also wrote this encouraging message in Swahili for HK inmates - in my notebook of messages from the inmates' families
(click to enlarge):
2015-01-26Dar07.jpg (87061 bytes)

Stop press: 2 women arrested Dar airport yesterday, attempting to take drugs to HK! ..probably unaware of recent publicity about danger of drug trafficking to HK ....Drug Lords using non-informed people

Very special 90 minute meeting last night at home of Dr Willibrod Slaa ....not a politician ...a statesman ... DV will be next president of Tanzania

Ali, jw, Dr Slaa and Mwana.  Meeting Dr Slaa was like meeting Mandela or Nyerere ....a great privilege indeed. He humbly welcomed us at the gate of his home and was a most gracious host
Ali, Rodgers, Dr Slaa and Mwana. Mwana's brother is an inmate in a HK prison. Like myself she was bowled over by Dr Slaa's words about the HK inmates: "Getting our people back (to Tz) is a top priority for me". This is extraordinary news for TZ inmates not only in HK but in many other places
Dr Slaa has been following this website's info for a long time.  Before my arrival at his home last night, he re-read many of this website's letters written by Tz inmates in HK prisons. He has also been following comments on Jamii Forums about my Africa trip. And he heard my Clouds Media interview on Jan 14
Meeting yesterday with sister and friend of Tanzanian inmate in a HK prison. Inmate has already served 5 years ...only 3 more years to go
This dear lady's sister also an inmate in HK.  Her clothing reminds me that of the 100 or more Tanzanian inmates in HK prisons, about half are Muslims, about half are Christians

 Mon Jan 26


Meal last night with family of a Tanzanian inmate in a HK prison...another 7 years before they see their son/nephew. May there be no more Tanzanians going to prison in HK .... no more heartbreak for families in Tanzania ... and may those incarcerated in HK be reunited with their dear families as soon as possible

Sat Jan 24


A long but happy day yesterday, meeting with local prison social worker Grace (first photo) who, after I've gone back to HK, will follow up contact with HK inmates' families - and then with Grace meeting four families of inmates, three of whom gave ok to post photos on www.

Kind man in first photo is supporting his own four children and the two children of his imprisoned brother, for the younger of whom he can't afford school fees. This website has made donation to enable younger child to start school next week. God bless kind donors who made this possible

Fri Jan 23



Yesterday in Dar Es Salaam I met three families of Tanzanian inmates in HK prisons, including these good folk whose brother is a HK inmate:
Another family met yesterday is in dire financial straits: inmate's husband died some years ago of Malaria. Inmate took drugs to HK to try to pay school fees for her 15 year old son and 13 year old daughter. When new school year began a couple of weeks ago, the two children could not go to school....no money for fees. This website has paid one year's fees for the two (TZS700,000 each), the largest donation so far ...because an urgent one. But now my Tigo account is showing "re-fill". So if one or two kind readers could please help I'd be most grateful. Still have another 14 families to see.  jdwomi@gmail.com 

Thu Jan 22

Today I'm due to meet four more families of Tanzanian inmates in HK prisons

You might remember my photos with Evans at Clouds Media on January 14. Well, on the Airbus flight from Mwanza to Dar Es Salaam yesterday, the latest TravelSmart magazine had this most interesting feature story about Evans: (click to enlarge photos)
2015-01-22Evans01.JPG (1024483 bytes) 2015-01-22Evans02.JPG (886401 bytes) 2015-01-22Evans03.JPG (837016 bytes) 2015-01-22Evans04.JPG (1050912 bytes)

You might also remember photos of Samuel on Jan 10Jan 11 and Jan 13. Last night his street-sleeper friends told me they took him back to Amara Hospital last Friday and he died at the hospital on Saturday (...HIV + TB). Friends are going today to wash the body and arrange a funeral service .... assisted by a HK inmate's relative who had  visited Samuel at Amara, with this website's kind donors picking up the bill (from donations already received. No need for more at this stage