2015-01-11  Menu, hospital visit


Today being Sunday I had a nice meal at lunch:
Vegetarian curry on top of green salad - delicious!

Paper next to glass - Swahili for "good morning/afternoon/night"

The top item: Jeera Aloo
Then back to Amara Hospital to visit street sleeper admitted yesterday  (see photo report of Jan 10).
Turned out the SS had been shifted to a ward and just left there, still in his dirty clothes. Same practice as China: staff don't wash or change - must be done by family/friends, not nurses.

So, with the help of a relative of a HK inmate, I went to nearby market to buy clothes, soap, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, drinking water etc for the three street sleepers (when staff realised what we were doing for one, they asked us to help two others also who had no visitors). One of the three had just been released in a very ill condition from prison, and more or less abandoned at the hospital. All 3 probably have AIDS and maybe Hep B

Local market - buying clothes for the sick street sleepers
Shops in this area don't let you enter their premises ...too much shop-lifting. You ask for what you want and receive it through the grill
Market street
Back at the hospital I helped my man have a shower. Unable to stand, no chair available, so I put him on an upturned bucket. One of the male nurses helped me undress and dress him. His old clothes were thrown out - badly soiled ...almost sticking to his skin. Washing him was like washing a skeleton, bones sticking out everywhere.

Inmate's relative, who lives nearby (...what a blessing I happened to phone her today of all days....and she's going to follow up visiting and helping the three men) ...says that in this area there are dozens of young drug addicts sleeping on the street, health rapidly deteriorating, many with AIDS, "and no one cares. They soon just die on the street"

Thank you for a prayer for these men and for all the sick on this website's files over the past week


Samuel after his shower. He can barely stand, can't walk, but can now sit up for a little while. Man behind is one of the three. Says he hasn't had anything to eat or drink for 3 days, but staff say he has had porridge and water