2015-01-10   A Godfrey at the start and at the end of the day in Dar Es Salaam

 (photo from Google)

Day began with 90 minute meeting with head of Anti-Drug Squad, Mr Godfrey Nzowa, an Eliot Ness in a sea of corruption. I found myself praying that he might become president in the October elections
Towards midday: meeting with mother of a Tanzanian inmate in a HK prison. Husband died of AIDS. Mother has AIDS. Mother is struggling to pay school fees of her own younger children as well as that of the inmate's daughter. Despite being very sick (...e.g. has difficulty eating ...) mother is  doing part-time work trying to support her family

Not a few inmates' mothers have children, their own, ranging in age from early twenties to below 10.

After spending most of the afternoon on email etc, I went for a walk to the cathedral for a visit. After which I bought a meal for a couple of street sleepers. The second one was in a bad way, very sick, and I felt uncomfortable leaving him.
Then as I waited at nearby canteen for my evening meal to be prepared, I went for a walk around the block and discovered a "charitable health centre" ....whose staff agreed to examine man no. 2 (for a fee). A Simon of Cyrene was conscripted from the street by a centre nurse, and Simon and I got the man to the centre.

Doctor at centre said Samuel (man no. 2) was too ill for the clinic and needed to be taken to a government hospital. (While doctor was examining Simon, I went and had my meal).

So we headed by taxi to Amana Govt Hospital

Clinic doctor's report. Simon minded the man while I went to take out some money from Tigo (see yesterday's report) ....and get a new voucher for my mobile (which chose this time to run out of credit)
As you proceed at this government hospital you pay step by step: initial registration, items for examination, admittance.
Each time you need to go to the cashier's office.
Outside the doctor's consulation room

Simon - a genuine Good Samaritan - with Samuel in wheelchair. Samuel looks around 50 ...thin and gaunt ... but is only 23.


Doctor Godfrey ....like other staff at the hospital very friendly and helpful, but working in atrocious conditions
...e.g. in none of the rooms we had to go to did I see a wash basin for staff to use ....nor did staff have face masks 
Samuel in observation room, waiting while I went to buy items for next step of the journey
Request written out by very kind nurse in observation room
....which I took to cashier and dispensary
Items purchased from dispensary.

Final payments were for admittance fee and medical items needed in the ward.

I promised Samuel I would visit him today (visiting hours 6am - 7am (!), noon-1pm, 4-6pm (that will be my time)

Thank you for a prayer for Simon and other sick people on this website's files over the past few days

Youtube: UK medical students at Amana Hospital