2015-01-13  Dar Es Salaam: BBC and hospital

BBC radio interview (Africa Service). Not sure who contacted them, but in the space of one hour I received emails from BBC, AFP and a local radio program. BBC came yesterday afternoon. Audio is here. AFP in a few days. Radio program, in a local studio, is this morning at 7.30am!

If such publicity helps persuade even one person not to take drugs to HK/China/Macau, it is worth it. 
 Samuel (see photo report of Jan 12) about to be discharged from hospital ...doctor's orders....even though he has late stage HIV and has TB.  He himself wants to go back on the streets where I found him three days ago  ... after he was released from prison ...and crashed through drugs....so he looks old, but is only 23. In same ward today were three other such patients, all ex-inmates, all with HIV. They just seem to die on the streets. A HK inmate's relative is going to check on the possibility of setting up some sort of centre for such men. There are too many of them in Dar for gov/NGOs to cater for.

Today again I tried in vain to buy face masks. Three chemist shops outside hospital gave same answer "We don't sell them".  But TB is contagious ...so releasing Samuel back into the community is a health hazard. Not to mention hospital staff at risk

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Doctor's report for Samuel
After hospital I visited home of a Tanzanian inmate in a HK prison. Parents, brothers and sister and friends all at home. I had seen the brothers in between BBC and hospital. They came with me to hospital, then insisted I visit their home. Their father in a wheelchair. Not convenient to post photos or give more details. Thank you for prayers for this family and others mentioned over the past two weeks