Photos  2011


2011-12-25   Christmas Day evening meal with the poor at Yau Ma Tei Caritas Center

2011-12-18  Sr Grace & Shatin group   + Sr Margaret & Helen:   YMT, canteen, Ricci Center

Final day of Saturday English classes at St Eugene and at Notre Dame

Sunday night gathering at Yau Ma Tei Caritas Center

  Happy day - 5,000 copies of third printing of "Doctor Jesus" received from printer

2011-11-21  Visit to Ricci Center + lunch at 115 Shanghai Street - Francis and group

2011-11-20  Gathering at Ricci Center after usual Sunday night canteen meal

2011-11-20  A sad day - funeral service of "A-Bee"  who left  this world on October 28

2011-11-15  Former CAS teacher Paul from Adelaide - at Jordan Center special lunch

2011-11-13   Monthly prayer for healing group;   2nd Sunday group;   sign in restaurant

2011-11-08   HK Ming Pao Newspaper - recordings by "John W"

2011-10-30  Sunday photos - trees and plants

2011-10-23   Sunday night gathering at Caritas Center, Ya Ma Tei

2011-10-14   Moses and Steve Jobs

2011-10-01    Annual retreat for special ministers at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish, Wanchai

2011-10-01   English signs before/after surgery

2011-09-25  Full house for Sunday night gathering at Yau Ma Tei Caritas Center

2011-09-20   One of the best signs I've seen for a while.   In Chinese: "Post no bills"; In English: "Post on bills"!

2011-09-16  A most interesting article re cancer prevention and treatment.  May be of help to some people

2011-09-11  Mid-Autumn Sunday night gathering at Yau Ma Tei Caritas Center

2011-09-05       "Anyway" - a beautiful poem by Mother Teresa

2011-09-04   South China (Sunday) Morning Post: Another example of the good qualities of Premier Wen Jiabo

2011-08-31   Teddy's graduation after special training course at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

2011-08-29   DG! - 2,000 copies of "Simple Bible: New Testament" received from printer today - for distribution to prisoners

2011-08-28    New church at Xinqiao, 40 minuntes from Zhaoqing, opened on August 6, 2011

2011-08-21  Really happy gathering of special friends at Yau Ma Tei Caritas Center

2011-08-21  Nathan Road....the toy truck brigade

2011-08-19  Deacon Edwin Ng and group from Cathedral Parish at Matteo Ricci Center, Jordan

2011-08-07   Sunday night meal at canteen in Shanghai Street ....then DVD and sharing at Matteo Ricci Center in Jordan

2011-07-31 Sunday night gathering:  meal at Shanghai Street canteen, DVD at Matteo Ricci Center

2011-07-28   "The List"  for this years' Ramadan which is taken very seriously by Islamic inmates in detention centers

   A happy night at St Paul's Church, Yau Ma Tei:  Baptism, Confirmation and First Communion 

2011-07-24 Sunday night gathering for very special guests .....meal at canteen, prayer at Ricci Center

2011-07-17   Sunday night gathering at Caritas Center, Yau Ma Tei.   Thank you  Deacon Edwin Ng &  friends + special guests

2011-07-14  Two special visitors watching a special DVD at Matteo Ricci Center

2011-07-11  Hong Kong English!

2011-07-10 At chapel of Mariners Club, Tsim Sha Tsui

2011-07-10  Sunday Examiner article re climate change

2011-07-10    Sunday night gathering at canteen in Shanghai Street, Jordan. Happy Birthday, Michael!

2011-07-09   Final English classes for this semester at St Eugene's  (a.m.) and at Notre Dame College (afternoon)

2011-06-22     Second printing (slightly revised) of the little booklet "Doctor Jesus" - DG!

2011-06-19  Meal at YMT Caritas Center - thank you Deacon Edwin Ng &  helpers & special guests for lovely evening

2011-06-12    Pentecost Sunday  today.    A Pentecost prayer for China

2011-06-07    A beautiful drink - complete with fish symbol (= Jesus) and lovely quote from Bible about honey!

2011-06-06   Dragon Boat Festival meal with Teddy (no more hospital DG!)  and his aunt from Guangzhou, Rose

2011-05-29   Sunday:       Tuen Mun trees;   TST recycling;  TST Sri Lankans;   Pizza at Ricci 

2011-05-22  Sunday night gathering for special guests  - at canteen in Yau Ma Tei

2011-05-14   Wedding at St Teresa's Kowloon of  Vivian Lau Jing Yin and Ken Fung Kin Lung

2011-05-08   Sunday night Pizza at  Ricci Center, with special guests who are looking for a job  +  05-11 celebration for finding jobs

2011-04-30    Thank you Lord!  - Simple Bible: Old Testament (English) received from printer today

2011-04-25  Easter Pizza party at Caritas Center in Yau Ma Tei

2011-04-24  Easter Sunday:      meal with homeless,     MTR English,      Bank of China

2011-04-23  Very special guests at Matteo Ricci Center

2011-04-10  Sunday night Pizza gathering at  Ricci Center, with  A-Syun, A-Cheung,  Ricky and Michael

2011-04-10   Outside Indian shop at Chung King Mansion in Tsim Sha Tsui 

   At Notre Dame in Kowloon with parishioner Margie So and her daughter Sylvia

2011-04-06   Signs of life in Hong Kong

2011-03-27    In walkway near Austin metro station ....a church advertizing

2011-03-24   Visit to Matteo Ricci Center  by  Fr Harry,  Leon and Anna

  Funeral service of Mr Jau Pui Wing who died November 3,  2010

2011-03-20  Sunday night Pizza gathering at Matteo Ricce Center in Jordan

2011-03-17         3,000 copies of the little booklet "Doctor Jesus" delivered to Matteo Ricci Center

2011-03-13   Sunday night Pizza at Ricci Center  - with Deacon Edwin Ng, Legion of Mary members, and special guests

2011-03-05  Visit to Ricci Center, A-Ming's home & Yau Ma Tei by Fran & Melanie from  the International Ladies Club of Macau

2011-02-24   Should be "walking race" ?

2011-02-13  Sunday night Pizza gathering at Ricci Center - KK, Tony, Mr Wong & Andy

2011-02-09   On way from Port Moresby to HK ....can someone please explain the little rainbows......caused by the plane?

2011-02-05     Gold Coast, Australia  - happy reunion with former Zhaoqing CAS teachers Pam and Bruce

2011-04-02    Queensland floods/cyclone appeal

2011-01-31   Southport, Queensland, Australia -  Wal & Liam Anderson with Pat & John

2011-01-27  Visitors from Beijing  and  Marseilles  at Iona College, Wynnum, Brisbane, Australia

2011-01-25  Nudgee, Brisbane, Australia - Mercy Sisters Margaret, Clare & Monica (Martina)

2011-01-25 Nudgee Cemetery, Brisbane, Australia - many dear friends!

2011-01-24   Brisbane, Australia - Iona College Mr Tim Wong, from the Solomons

2011-01-23   Brisbane, Australia  -  happy re-unions at Iona College and at home of Kempnich family

2001-01-14 Townsville (church signs...)   and    2011-01-16 Brisbane (after flood...)

2011-01-13 and  2011-01-15  with dear cousins at  Ingham and Townsville in North Queensland, Australia

2011-01-11  Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea + Cairns in Australia

2011-01-09   Light rail at Tuen Mun +  signs of life

2011-01-08  Happy visit to Matteo Ricci Center by Parish Council members of St Paul's Parish, Yau Ma Tei

2011-01-06  Yum Cha with A-Ming & most loyal parishioners of St Paul's Yau Ma Tei + visit to  Ricci Center

2011-01-02  The very first photo of 2011 - Sunday night Pizza at Jordan Center with Maria & Joseph from Shatin + special guests

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