2011-01-13 and 2011-01-15   Ingham and Townsville in North Queensland, Australia

Ingham - overlooking the Herbert River, the beautiful forest home of cousin Joyce and her husband Ollie.
Joyce's mother and my father were sister and brother

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Bird's nest
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Creek with resident crocodile
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Happy get together with Joyce and Olie's daughters
 Michelle and Leanne and families
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At the home of Malcolm & Peg, with Bobby and Edna.   Bobby & Malcolm's father and my father were brothers


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Beach at The Strand, with Magnetic Island in distance
and a very hungry seagull which literally lifted my piece of fish into the air just after I took its photo
(..."lifted" in  English slang means "to steal"!)
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Townsville was were Dad enlisted....
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Townsville's most economical Backpacker center,
only AUD$20 per night (inclu free internet!)
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Cousins Ross, Estelle, Thelma and Joan.
Joan's mother and Thelma's father
were my father's sister and brother
(Dad was one of 11 children!)
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Thelma (from previous photo) and William.
William's grandfather and my/Thelma's grandfather
were brothers (2 of 10 children!)

Precious old photos  in Ingham & Townsville:

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Bobby, Malcolm,
 Norma and Colin
2011-01-13ingham21.JPG (219387 bytes)
Peg & Malcolm
2011-01-15townsville13.JPG (251555 bytes)
David, William,
Betty & Jack
 - children of John & Linda
2011-01-15townsville15.JPG (181390 bytes)
Linda Cross

2011-01-15townsville14.JPG (175058 bytes)
John Wotherspoon

2011-01-12    Precious old photographs - at home of Ollie and Joyce in Ingham