Photos  2010 

2010-12-31   Final day of four days of holiday English for two classes of angels at Our Lady's Primary School, Wong Tai Sin

2010-12-29   Former Mainland students of "Mr Wu" visiting poor Mainland children - photos to gladden the heart!

2010-12-25  Christmas Day, 7pm Mass,  First Holy Communion for A-Ming  at St Paul's Church, Yau Ma Tei.

  Coming Soon sign outside picture theatre in Yau Ma Tei  - with poster of a film named "Hereafter" !

2010-12-19   Sunday evening meal at Matteo Ricci Center  - with Shatin visitors Joe, Maria and Winnie

2010-12-12  Pizza gathering at Ricci Center for very special friends

2010 November   -     Signs of life in Hong Kong

2010-11-25 Welcome back to Hong Kong   former CAS teacher Paul from Adelaide

2010-11-24  Welcome cousin David Wotherspoon to Hong Kong - and Happy Birthday Ed!

2010-11-16  Primary One and Two English students, make that angels,  at Our Lady's School, Wong Tai Sin

2010-11-14  Sunday night Pizza gathering at Jordan Center

2010-07-11 Winsome & group after visit to caged homes & Yau Ma Tei poor area;   evening pizza gathering at Ricci Center

2010-10-31   Sunday night Pizza at Jordan Center,  with  Judy & Anthony,  KK & Tony -  wishing  A-Ming  a Happy Birthday!

2010-10-17  Ricci Center regular Sunday night  "Open House Pizza Meeting"  for special friends

2010-10-16   Visit with Matteo Ricci Study Group friends to Ricci Exhibition at Macau Museum

2010-10-14   Increasingly common in HK -  pet shops,  where large dogs and cats are confined to small cages

2010-10-11  Signs of life in Hong Kong

2010-10-03  Pizza gathering at Ricci Center

2010-10-02  Saturday English classes at St Eugene & at Notre Dame - thank you Christine, Maria & Florence for helping
2010-09-26  Sixty Chinese copies "Chasing the Dragon" by Jackie Pulllinger   +   Sunday night Pizza gathering 

  Two special visitors at Ricci Center....watching a very special DVD

2010-09-21  Thank you Joan & Gregory (Sydney) and Gabrielle (HK)  for help with  English class at St Eugene's School

2010-09-19   Greg Lo,  former London gangster John Pridmore, Brother Joseph;  Pizza meeting for special friends

2010-09-05  Meal at Ricci Center with special friend Kelvin

2010-08-31  Lunch at Ricci Center for A-Bee, A-Cat and children

   Mr Chau at nursing home ...being visited by former neighbor Mr Lau

2010-08-29   Very happy English Corner at St James' Church, Yau Tong,  after Sunday morning Mass

  Final day of Summer Holiday Saturday English classes at Notre Dame College

2010-08-28  Signs of life in Hong Kong

2010-08-25    DG! - Received today from printing company:  hard copy of Genesis , number one in Simple Bible series DV

2010-08-24/25   Summer Holiday English classes at Our Lady's School, Wong Tai Sin

2010-08-21  Saturday English classes at St Eugene Primary School and at Notre Dame College

2010-08-11  Meal at Ricci Center for A-Yun and Ben

2010-08-05   Kay and Tommy, from Adelaide with Kevin, Marco and Rex at Jordan Center English Corner. 

2010-07-29 Seven Wonders of the world - beautiful

2010-07-27   Visit to Mr Chau in his new nursing home by Macau friends Fatima and Thomas (with nurse Lam)

2010-07-26  Chancery Notice re working for the poor and prisoners

2010-07-22   A-Yau and A-Sam:  Yum Cha with A-Ming, visit to A-Ming's home,  helping special students at Ricci Center English class

2010-07-15  Secondary students' English Corner at Ricci Center

2010-07-13  Signs of life in Hong Kong

2010-07-11   Chu Tak Ming, Dominic, with his Godmother Judy and Godfather Anthony

2010-07-07   Dear friends from Peng Chau - Annie, Helen, Joseph, Maria, Peter, Tony, William

2010-07-06 Two special groups of friends:  Ling, Mabel, Shiela & Una   +  Maria 1, Maria 2, Rose and Pastor Chan

2010-07-03 Final day of Saturday morning English classes  for this semester at St Eugene School

2010-06-30  Signs of life in Hong Kong

2010-06-20   Sunday afternoon visit to Jordan/Yau Ma Tei poor areas  by Deacon Edwin and group from Hong Kong Cathedral

2010-06-16   Matteo Ricci Group  - meeting no. 2

2010-06-15     Paws for Prayer

2010-06-06     Signs of life in Hong Kong

2010-06-05    Visit by Shatin friends  Anthony, George and Judy to Jordan, Yau Ma Tei and Tsai Kok Tsui   

2010-06-03   Mr Leung, former resident of House of Hope for homeless men, now at a new nursing home, in Tai Kok Tsui,

2010-06-03  Signs of life .... in Hong Kong English

2010-05-22   Final Saturday morning English class  at Oblate Primary School  for Australian P.I.M. volunteer Josie Howard.

2010-05-16  Sunday night meal at Matteo Ricci Center (formerly Jordan Center) for men from House of Hope for homeless men

2010-05-16  Toilet sign at a hospital in HK

2010-05-02   After Mass & lunch  at Tuen Mun  - former Notre Dame Parish basketbaler Raymond and his wife May

2010-04-21 Qinghai earthquake appeal from Asia Harvest 

2010-04-20  Visitors to Yau Ma Tei and Jordan Center - loyal parish friends from Tung Chung, Mr & Mrs Wan

2010-04-16  HK man dies trying to save earthquake victims in Qinghai (...a moving story)

2010-04-16 SCMP:  Wen raises eyebrows with praise of Hu Yaobang  (a most important article)

2010-04-12    Mr Leung, now at Wing Fat Nursing home  .....with new tray and (second hand) TV

2010-04-12  Visit to Yau Ma Tei and Jordan area  by dear friends from Canberra Jane and  Zhang

2010-04-10 OMI friends from Australia: Josie (Gold Coast; PIM volunteer), Sandra and George (Melbourne, St John Vianney's Parish)

2010-04-09  South China Morning Post - a disturbing report

2010-03-30 Visit by Sr Stella & group to Shek Kwu Chau Island Center  run by The Society for the Aid & Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers

2010-03-29   Dear OMI friend Grace with Manny, Marlyn & Melvin from the Philippines for visit to Oscar in Queen Elizabeth Hospital

2010-03-23  Former Mazenod College student Mark Harrick + A-Ming + Temple Street Park + nursing home + Jordan Center

2010-03-22   Evening meeting at Jordan Center for YMT social workers' team  responsible for House of Hope for homeless men

2010-03-22  Lunch at Jordan Center  for firemen Chris & Ken (English students) and Sisy (speech therapist)

2010-03-21   Happy meeting & visit to Jordan Center:  dear Ma Tau Wei friends Alfie, Yvette &  Adrienne

2010-03-15  Paschal omi & Jun omi  visiting senior omis John and Stan  in Sheung Shui  +...visit to Jordan Center

2010-03-14   Dear friends from Notre Dame Parish  at Jordan Center

2010-03-12  Today's South China Morning Post:  worrying articles about situation of NGOs, and petitioners,  in China

2010-03-11   Visit to Jordan Center by OMI friend   Kirby Wong   from Melbourne

2010-03-09   Two special friends from Hunan Province,  Mr Jiang & Mr Tang - at Jordan Center

2010-03-09  South China Morning Post   - comment  re Oxfam situation in China

2010-03-07   Former NDC teacher Dorothy with her former student Rosa, husband Danny + children Michael & Christina.

2010-03-06  South China Morning Post:      China's nine leaders ;   unofficial schools closed in Beijing

2010-03-01   Welcome back Aron  to HK.   Aron  a  past student of Iona College  & a former teacher at C.A.S. in Zhaoqing

2010-02-25  Camera shop;       Daisy, Fanny, Ling & Peter;        Natalie & Dr Greg Scalia

2010-02-17  Thank you Bassanio for buying clothes at Salvation Army shop for street sleepers + visit to Jordan Center

2010-02-05   McDonald's  gathering in Ipswich near Brisbane  for Peter & Bruce Wotherspoon, with John Ruthenberg

2010-02-04  Congratulations Jane and nephew Paul on birth of Harvey, a grandson for Yvonne and Peter

2010-01-27   Happy family re-union with John Ruthenberg, Michelle, Charles, Alison and Jett

2010-01-26  Australia Day at Brisbane's Southbank

2010-01-25  Happy meal at home of niece Natalie, husband Dan and son Aston.  Thank you!

2010-01-24  At Brisbane home of Doris & Elvin, with Mary, Rene, Warner, Vonnie,  Jan,  Denis,  Steve, Angel, Jessica & Andrew

2010-01-17  Tennis to raise money for Haiti.    A memorable day

2010-01-10   Newman College, University of Melbourne:  annual charismatic retreat - Fr Andrew o.f.m., cap. & his altar boy of 55 years ago

2010-01-08   Melbourne - Game of "Upwords"  at Camberwell:  Fr Michael Clarke o.m.i.,   Fr Mark Edwards o.m.i.  & Mrs Tineke Edwards

2010-01-06   Melbourne:  Happy visit to Glen Waverley home  of aunt Dorothy, with Mike & cousins Helen  & Ken    + Chinese family playing cricket

2010-01-04     Happy visit to Moe, 90 minutes East of Melbourne.  Thank you Denise & Barry, Florence, Cath & Owen



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