Photos  2009

2009-12-30 Qantas Flight from Hong Kong to Melbourne

2009-12-28 Monthly meal and meeting at House of Hope, for residents & Salvation Army team

2009-12-26 Visit to House of Hope by Andrea from Peng Chau Island church

2009-12-25   Christmas Day evening meal at House of Hope for homeless men.

2009-12-22  Visit to caged homes by Fr David o.m.i.

2009-12-21 Chris from St Bonaventure Parish - visited Yau Ma Tei are, House of Hope  & Jordan Center

2009-12-20   Macau visitors Thomas and Fatima,   at a "caged home" and at Jordan Center

2009-12-19 Saturday English classes at 3 OMI schools; Mainland students & visitor at Notre Dame; Bus carolers

2009-12-17/18 Visit to Jordan Center and area by Alex from St Teresa's  & the Kong Family from Peng Chau

2009-12-12   Christmas card game English  at Oblate Primary School,  St Eugene Primary School, and Notre Dame College

2009-12-11   Confusing tourist map at corner of  Nathan Road and Jordan Road in Kowloon

2009-12-10   Former Guangzhou teacher, Matt from Australia, at Jordan Center,  with  English students Chris and Kenneth 

2009-12-09  Visit to Jordan Center  by former Notre Dame parishioners Susanna and her niece Michele

2009-11-19   Thank you Pat and Renee for visit to House of Hope and Jordan Center

2009-11-19 SCMP: "For the great communicator, China an uphill trip" + "US  manipulating currency" 

2009-11-18   Former C.A.S. teacher (& HK Lands Dept official) Paul from Australia - at Jordan Center

2009-11-17   Caring for the environment.....a steel container rather than  rice boxes

2009-11-14  Thank you Tom & Agnes for visit to Salvation Army Center  and House of Hope 

2009-11-13  How HK government was fooled by Disney

2009-11-09  Thank you Shirley for visit to House of Hope + future cooking classes

2009-11-08  Another happy day at Peng Chau Island church

2009-11-04  Visit to House of Hope for homeless men  by Mui Wo dear friend  Ah Yau with her sister and Mr Luen

2009-10-31  Final day of Sat English for Sep/Oct  at Oblate Primary School, St Eugene OPS, and Notre Dame College

2009-10-28  House of Hope visitors from Lantau: Agnelo, Melba, Nene, Purita & Sony; birthday lunch for Melba & Mr Yu

2009-10-26   Special visitors watching special DVD at Jordan Center@

2009-10-23,24  House of Hope visitors: Fr Slawek & group, Georgina & Petrina from Australia +  G&P at  Oblate Primary School Sat English

2009-10-18  A happy  Sunday at Mui Wo, Lantau Island, HK

2009-10-17 Saturday afternoon English at Notre Dame College, Kowloon

2009-10-17  Wedding of Howard Choi and former Notre Dame English Club  student  Scuby Lee at Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon

2009-10-17 Saturday morning English at Saint Eugene de Mazenod Oblate Primary School, Kowloon

2009-10-17  Saturday morning English  at Oblate Primary School, Tokwawan, Kowloon

2009-10-16 "When you have a party, invite the poor"

2009-10-15   OMI gathering at St Alfred's, Shatin, in HK - thank you!

2009-10-11 After Mass youth group at Peng Chau Island Church

2009-10-09  Visit to street people, Salvation Army & Jordan centers & House of Hope  by friends from Christian Life Community

2009-10-08  Visit to Jordan Center by dear friends Ling and Peter

2009-10-07   Cantonese:  a revival in Shenzhen it almost became the national language
2009-10-06  Visit by Sr Stella & group to Shek Kwu Chau center run by The Society for the Aid & Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers

2009-10-06   Everywhere you go in HK in the early morning, free newspapers (Chinese and English) are being given out

 2009-10-05  Further update to article re China's control of South (East) Asia's rivers

2009-10-01   Welcome (back) to Hong Kong  Fr Harry Dyer o.m.i. & Oblate Outreach Co-ordinator Lesley

2009-09-26   Macau visitors in Hong Kong:  Fatima and Thomas 

2009-09-25   Mrs Chan and Mrs Tang, from  Shatin.  Thank you for visit and meal at "House of Hope" 

2009-09-14  to  2009-09-17:     flags - Liam - climate change

2009-09-11 Afternoon English class at Jordan Center

2009-09-02 Updated street sleepers' file: "House of Hope" opened yesterday

2009-08-31 Updated caged homes file

2009-08-29  Saturday afternoon English Club at Notre Dame College 

2009-08-26   Updated SCMP article of Aug 8

2009-08-21 Updated street sleepers' file with special request for help from  social workers

2009-08-22   Saturday afternoon English Club at Notre Dame College

2009-08-21 Updated street sleepers' file

2009-08-16  Opening today of  Austin MTR Station, near Jordan

2009-08-15  Thank you computer doctor Hennedy  for new sound card etc!

2009-08-15  Notre Dame Saturday Afternoon English Club

2009-08-08   A  most important article - "Water Bomb"

2009-08-02 Jordan Center special Sunday lunch guests - in 37 degree heat

2009-08-01  Saturday afternoon English Club at Notre Dame College, Kowloon

2009-07-31  Thank you Chan family from Shatin, for meals for street people in Yau Ma Tei area

2009-07-29  Wednesday afternoon activity for street people  - at Salvation Army Yau Ma Tei Center

2009-07-13  HK's caged homes

2009-07-11 South China Morning Post - Zhaoqing a wireless city?

2009-06-28  Lion Rock Mountain, overlooking Kowloon

2009 June/July:  Jordan Center

2009-06-22 Visit to Hong Kong by Oblate Superior General Fr William Steckling o.m.i

2009-05-28   Jordan Center:  midday  - very first special guests;   afternoon - very first English students

2009-05-09  Wedding of former Notre Dame College students Kevin and Teresa

2009-05-02   Macau Thomas and Fatima  on 1st trip to HK  for  20 years. Thank you Rosa for tour guide help

2009 March, April Hong Kong

2009 January, February,   Hong Kong