A Different Perspective

Bird Cage

Colin Cowdrey (famous English cricketer) "Cowdrey wants something more"  

Dalai Lama 1  

Dinkum - An Australian word which is actually Chinese!  

Don't Follow Me - Michael Patrick Howard 2.10.1965  - 13.7.1991   R.I.P.  

Eternal  Ink


57 Cents  

God's Boxes

In My Eyes - a Poem to Dad, by Robert de Weger

Now - by an 83 year old  

Should you.. 

So I Shrugged ...  

Teach the Children the true meaning of Christmas

Teilhard de Chardin - reflections & links  

The Hand

The New School Prayer  

The Soldier

This will make you think  

True Story  

Who'll take the son?