2016  Photos

December 31,2016 - Meeting with another very special family - in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa

December 30, 2016: Meeting with a very special family in Johannesburg, South Africa

December 18 and December 26, 2016: Sunday night gathering for the poor at St Paul's Yau Ma Tei

December 11, 2016:  Hong Kong Chief Executive candidate Mr (former Judge) Woo Kwok Hing graciously attended our gathering for the poor at St Paul's Yau Ma Tei

November 11, 2016: Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei - "Music Bash" by Hong Kong professionals to raise money for the Sunday night gathering for the poor ("Pizza Party") at St Paul's Yau Ma Tei

October 16, 2016 - my 70th birthday  - celebrated at the usual Sunday night gathering for the poor at St Paul's, Yau Ma Tei, and at a local restaurant meal for the Sunday night volunteers and about 60 very special guests

August 14, 2016  Christine Aquino at home in Manila, bravely fighting Cancer Stage 4

August 6, 2016 Happy Brisbane reunion at Kempnich home, Wynnum

August 2, 2016:   Happy reunion at Iona College chapel with Ray and Margaret Kelly whose wedding I was privileged to attend at the chapel on August 4, 1979.

June 25, 2016  Christine (fighting stage 4 cancer) at her nursing home in Yau Ma Tei

May 15, 2016   Pentecost Sunday thank you Yum Cha for dedicated group of St Paul's Yau Ma Tei altar servers

May 14, 2016  Visit to home of Teresa, Kevin and Olga, by visitors Rosa, Michael, Christina and John W

May 10, 2016  Happy visit to Matteo Ricci centre  by dear Wynnum (Brisbane) friends Jan and Kerry

May 2, 2016: Meeting of "Worm" group at Matteo Ricci Centre in Jordan 

April 8, 2016:
  Happy Meal at Filipino restaurant in Jordan 
to welcome Zhaoqing Joe on his first-ever visit to Hong Kong, with his guide HK Rosa, and old Zhaoqing friends Ling and Peter, - joined by nursing home Christine and her helpers Fata, Si Si and Andre  ....and also Jordan area Christine

March 28, 2016  - Christine (cancer) looking much better today - thank you Lord!

March 26, 2016  Easter Vigil Mass at Sant'Egidio Centre, Jordan, Kowloon

March 15, 2016  Visit to Ricci Centre by Superior General of the Mercedarian Order  Fr Pablo Ordone, his assistant Fr John, & their HK guide Fr Alberto Rossa CMF

March 3, 2016:  Christine's first visit to KFC and McDonald's for nearly a year

January 2016 - Kenya photos

January 4, 2016   My room at O.M.I. Gerard Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. What a blessing to be able to look out the window and see trees!