Photos 2012

2012-12-31  Prayer for healing at Church of St Simon the Apostle, Melbourne

2012-12-28  Melbourne: Happy family gathering for five cousins whose fathers were brothers

2012-12-23   Christmas party at St Paul's Yau Ma Tei for 105 Sunday night guests  

2012-12-11   Arrival of Chinese Simple Bible: New Testament - Gospels,  destined mainly for prison inmates

2012-11-30   Visit to Ricci Center, Jordan, by Zhaoqing dear friends June, Tim and Logos!

2012-11-23   Hong Kong a banner battleground: Falun Gong vs Liaison Office of Beijing Government....& English

2012-11-18  Sunday night gathering for ex-inmates at St Paul's YMT ...with many volunteers!

2012-10-07  Sunday night gathering at St Paul's Yau Ma Tei for special guests....with many special visitors!

2012-09-20  Arrival at Ricci Centre of latest English edition of Dr Jesus - DG!

2012-08-26   Sunday night gathering: Bible study before meal for ex-inmates

2012-08-23   View from Lai Chi Kok MTR (Metro) Station in HK - Cross on top of high building

2012-08-20 Macau:  Grave of China Jesuit pioneers + Jesuit martyrs of Japan and Vietnam

2012-08-12   Gathering for ex-inmates at Yau Ma Tei St Paul's

2012-08-11  Happy group from St Bonaventure Parish, after Saturday night Mass at St Alfred's Church, Tai Wai

2012-07-22  Sunday night gathering for special guests at St Paul's Parish, Yau Ma Tei

2012-07-22  St Anthony's Church, Pokfulam. Reception & Confirmation of Casey Seaton, on his birthday today

   Sunday night gathering for special guests at St Paul's, Yau Ma Tei.

  Visit to Matteo Ricci Center, Jordan by two very special friends: John and Santos

2012-06-10   Sunday night gathering for special guests at Yau Ma Tei Catholic Parish

2012-06-02   Lunch at Ricci Center as a thank you to team of kind translators/editors/benefactors

2012-05-31  Another edition of "Doctor Jesus" - this time in Simplified Chinese (as in the Mainland) - DG!

2012-05-28  Another happy day  - the arrival at Jordan Centre of Chinese edition of Simple Bible: Old Testament.

  Pentecost Sunday Bible Study Group at Jordan Center

2012-05-19 Gathering at Tung Chung with Deacon Edwin Ng, Jubilarian Sr Lucy and their Tong Fuk Prison visit group

2012-05-13   Guest speaker Ben Keung Bing Yiu at Sunday night gathering for special guests

2012-05-13   Monthly meeting to pray for healing - at Yau Ma Tei St Paul's Church

2012-04-22  Sunday night gathering for special guests at Yau Ma Tei St Paul's hall

2012-04-19  Visit to Jordan and Matteo Ricci Centre by Daisy and Sydney friends Sophia and her son Arthur

2012-04-16   Thank you Lord for arrival from printer of 3,000 more copies of "Doctor Jesus"

2012-04-15   Former Notre Dame College Mass server Connie, her husband Hon, and their princess Hannah

2012-04-12   Yum Cha after Yau Ma Tei St Paul's Parish morning Mass - with special guest A-Ming

2012-04-08  Easter Sunday night gathering for special guests at Yau Ma Tei St Paul's Church/School hall

2012-04-04   On wall of United Restaurant, Jordan (Mt 19.14) (hope HK friends can give this restaurant some business)

2012-03-31   Another happy day: arrival of 2nd printing (revised edition) of Simple Bible: Old Testament

2012-03-25  Sunday night gathering for special guests - at new venue: Yau Ma Tei Catholic School

2012-03-24,25   Visit to HK by dear friends from Zhaoqing: Danny & Lina, Jason and Mandy, and Nicole

2012-03-21   The changing face of Hong Kong Harbor side

2012-03-11  Final Sunday night gathering for special guests at Yau Ma Tei Caritas Centre

2012-02-26  Sunday night gathering for special guests at Yau Ma Tei Caritas Centre

2012-02-18  Visit to Jordan Center by the Lee family and Teresa

2012-02-12   Sunday night gathering at Yau Ma Tei Caritas Centre for some 40 very special guests

2012-02-11   Lunar New Year gathering for some very special friends

  Sunday night gathering at YMT Caritas Centre -  "Everyone's Birthday"!

2012-01-29  Visit to Ricci Centre and YMT area by Nicholas, Pauline and Tommy.

2012-01-25  Lunar New Year gathering at home of Kelvin and Teresa in Hong Kong

2012-01-21   Baptism and Baptism party of Claudia and Hannah,  Gold Coast

2012-01-15 Annual re-union of very special group at the Kempnich home, Wynnum, Brisbane

2012-01-13  Happy re-union at the de Weger home, Manly, Brisbane

2012-01-13   At Iona College Brisbane:  with schoolmate of 53 years ago, Kevin McCurley

2012-01-07/09  Happy re-unions at Southport, Australia with former CAS teachers Pam & Bruce & Josie

2012-01-05 Morning walk at Arundel, Southport, Gold Coast, Australia