2012-05-28  Another happy day
 - the arrival at Jordan Centre of Chinese edition of Simple Bible: Old Testament.
God bless team of kind translators, editors, benefactors!
3,000 copies for HK$27,200....that's HK$9 per copy (US$1.25)
...for 260 pages, 3 colors.
Thank you Print Shop HK for another top job!
Books are meant mainly for prison inmates, 
but other groups are welcome to use them

Whole book can be seen on internet in PDF form at this site
2012-05-28mon01.JPG (243273 bytes)2012-05-28mon02.JPG (194459 bytes)

This morning I went by Metro to Print Shop's Kwun Tong printing center.
Kind PS man helped me order a van
....then another PS man and kind driver and I loaded 101 heavy bundles into the van.
Same 101 were unloaded by driver and myself at Jordan.
Then I went to nearby park and enlisted help of 8 ex-inmates
who were discussing the state of the world.
This G8 over the half an our then carried the 101 bundles
 from G/F to 4/F Ricci Centre,
for which, after a few words of thanks and a 30 second prayer
 I gave them a few presents:
a copy of Ben's book, a copy of Dr Jesus, a copy of the Chinese OT ...and HK$50 each.
But I had to smile/groan: during the 30 minutes,
a couple of them used my toilet ...to inject.
A new experience for my toilet!
God bless the 8!

This afternoon, 40 of these hot-off-the-press books
were distributed at Lai Chi Kok Detention Centre.
They went like hot cakes!