January 24-26, 2018 - Bogota, Mexico City, Los Angeles ...and HK

Jan 24 - flight from Sao Paulo to Bogota

January 24 - Bogota airport:

Evening interview at airport with Colprensa, the most important news agency of Colombia:

Then back to earth...had planned to sleep in airport chapel (not worth getting hotel for only a few hours)...but chapel was locked! So I bunked down near chapel

Not good to take shoes off....they might "walk"!

Jan 25: flight to Mexico City

First stop in Mexico City: Guadalupe...to say thank you for all the blessings of the past few weeks (...having asked on Dec 27 at Guadalupe for protection)

Then an interview at La Prensa, sister paper of Colprensa.

Then when I had a meal (with wine to celebrate Eugene de Mazenod establishing the Oblates on this day in 1816 in France) a couple came and sat at table next to me....with Nigerian man animatedly trying to persuade a non-glamorous local woman about something....very worrying). I pretended to be taking photo of wine!

9.15pm flight to Los Angeles:

Arriving at LA airport around 1am ...where I tried to get a bit of rest

in a deserted airport...not one shop open...the view from my shoes!

...airline staff not yet at work

..so I set-up my office at a table which has power points ...to do these photos!

Flight on Cathay Pacific to HK:

And now a new map in my home: