January 10, 2018 Santa Cruz, Bolivia

My hotel - Hotel Roma:

Reminds me of Macau....tiny streets, big cars....and here no lights or stop signs or give way signs at many intersections...law of jungle:

And ...no exaggeration...every fourth shop in this district is selling glasses!

After lunch time and afternoon gathering with families of prisoners in HK, I went to the headquarters of Bolivia's largest newspaper and media group: El Deber where the ground floor office has something I've never in my life seen in any other business office (..notice the live candle!):

Then, even though I had no appointment, a kind journalist interviewed me for nearly two hours about my anti-drug campaign. Journalist's English was better than my Spanish so we got there....with the help of a phone call to the new secretary in Santa Cruz of the Bolivian inmates' families' group....and a phone call to the HK co-ordinator of No More Mules who during a long W'Ap chat suggested a video interview....and the journalist kindly agreed:


Kind journalist took the above photos using my cameria, I mean camera, and even made this one minute video

My only regret: I forgot to hold this most important sign during the interview!

After a canteen meal near my hotel, I discovered this lovely spot just near the hotel:

Building in this final photo is of an old picture theatre which is now a church ....with an Evangelical group holding services every day and night....and the sign: "God is Love"