January 6, 2018: Caracas, Venezuela and Bogota, Colombia

(check the great photo of Pope Francis...final photo)

On the road to Caracas airport:

Caracas airport - after checking in more than four hours early (because check in closes two hours before flight)

No one uses bank at Caracas airport - bank will give maybe 4,000 Bolivara for US$100, but "black market" gives B3,500,000 or more for US$100!
Best people to change money at airport are the men in blue, at right of photo below. They are porters who earn a living changing money!

In the departure lounge the only place I could find which had power sockets for my computer was ...a bar. That's my computer on the counter:

Plenty of planes at airport today....lots of flights...even a queue of planes on tarmac:

Coming in to Caracas after 90 minute flight from Caracas:


Bogota airport - this sign caught my eye ...so after checking in, I checked out the "oratory" ...it is lovely and simple....simply lovely. I spent some time there...saying some special prayers for the people who made this trip possible...and praying for the drug mules....and their families.....and the drug lords....and the countries of South America

This is South America....photo of Pope has to be a happy one!