2015  Photos


October 4, 2015   Volunteers at Sunday night gathering for the poor at St Paul's, Yau Ma Tei

September 28, 2015:  Evening meal for G9 bail group. Thank you Ulises for sponsoring us!

September 27, 2015:  Sunday night gathering for the poor at St Paul's Yau Ma Tei

September 26, 2015:   Visit to Matteo Ricci Centre in Jordan by 7 members of the G9 bail group

September 25, 2015:  The group of nine who are out on bail

September 23, 2015:  Group of 8 alleged "drug mules" given bail - a first for HK

Sep 9, 2015:   Music "bash" in Temple Street by a group of professionals (doctors, solicitors, business people)
- to raise funds for YMT St Paul's Sunday night gathering for the poor.

June 13, 2015:  Happy visit by Chan Family to Matteo Ricci Centre ...then Yum Cha!

June 10, 2015:   Hike to Trappist Monastery, Lantau Island - via Discovery Bay

  HK Yum Cha with Janny Law, a volunteer working in one of Africa's poorest countries, Malawi 

2015-05-05   Arrival today from printer of a simple little 8-page booklet "No Next Time"

May 1, 2015:  Solar power installed at Kachulu Primary School, Malawi

April 4, 2015  Easter Vigil gathering at Sant' Egidio Jordan centre, with special guests

2015-03-22   Baptism for A-Wing, at end of monthly prayer meeting for the sick at St Paul's, Yau Ma Tei

2015-03-19  Three Africans acquitted of HK drug trafficking charge

  Visit to Matteo Ricci Centre by Macau Prison Pastoral Group

2015-03-07  Notre Dame Parish dear friends at Matteo Ricci Centre

February 2015 - New photos from Malawi

2015-02-21  Lunar New Year visit to Jordan Ricci Center by the dear Zhang family 

2015-01-22 to 2015-01-26  Dar Es Salaam:  Dr Slaa, inmates' families, Evans

2015-01-25  Sunday in Dar Es Salaam

2015-01-19 Arusha to Mwanza - five flights on 12-seater planes!

2015-01-17   Tanga - Arusha - Namanga

2015-01-16  Pemba and Tanga

2015-01-15  Flight from Dar to Zanzibar, then flight from Zanzibar to Pemba Island

2015-01-14  Dar Es Salaam - Clouds media: radio/tv interviews. Bus & church

2015-01-13  Dar Es Salaam: BBC and hospital

2015-01-11  Menu, hospital visit

2015-01-10   A Godfrey at the start and the end of the day in Dar Es Salaam

2015-01-08 and 2015-01-09   Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

2015-01-07 Visit with HK Janny Law and local pharmacist to Kachulu village, Malawi

2015-01-06  Malawi: visit with HK volunteer Janny and local pharmacist to homes of sick

2015-01-05 Visit with HK volunteer Janny Law to Malawi poor areas 

2015-01-04 On the edge of Lake Malawi

2015-01-02   Dar es Salaam

2015-01-01  Dar es Salaam