2015-01-25 Sunday in Dar Es Salaam

All over Dar, markets and more markets ...as people try to make a living. Seems that around half the population, maybe more, are existing on around US$3 per day, which is only fractionally above the international poverty line of US$2 per day. No wonder people are tempted to get easy (?) money from drug trafficking  ...for school and medical fees
Early every Saturday and Sunday morning in towns and cities all over Tanzania: young men in jogging groups ....singing and chanting as they run
Magereza Prison where I had a most interesting chat with the Deputy Commissioner who is a strong supporter of the anti-drug campaign
Like prisons in many parts of the world, this prison has only two meagre times for food each day ....so families have to travel to the prison each day (paying for travel) and then buy approved food at the prison (also expensive) each day
This was meant to have been a working holiday, my annual holiday, but the emphasis has been very much on work. So ...very grateful for chance at last to have some time for the beach ...after walking a long way to get little boat to little island behind little island in green
A lovely trip ... a nice way to spend Sunday.
Thank you Grace and Isaac for a great day
Tanzania sitting on a tourist goldmine
Google Mbudya Island Tanzania for more photos and info
Perfect meal after a swim: fish and chips