2015-01-19 Arusha to Mwanza - five flights on 12-seater planes!

See map of Tanzania for location of Arusha and Mwanza - at top of map

Day began with 90 minute road trip from Namanga to Arusha, then taxi from Arusha central to airport. Taxi driver a Maasai. Never went to school, but learnt English from a friend, worked hard, bought a second hand car for US$2,000, and now is a taxi driver. Road trip from Namang passed through beautiful rural areas with open fields, open plains, mountains, Maasai with their flocks of cows, goats, sheep and ...donkeys!

Arusha airport. A happy place with professional staff well trained to look after tourists.
Flight One was a 30 min trip to Lake Manyara, whose airport ...like those to follow ...was a dirt/gravel strip
My first time on a gravel/dirt air strip
Flight Two took us to Serengeti South
Lots of 4-wheel vehicles here for safaris
Largest building at "airport" is (very clean) toilet
Professional refueling
Beautiful blue birds in trees near runway
Where better  than next to runway for natural fliers to build nests?
Another short flight then took us to Seronera
As in link at previous photo
Next flight took us to Rubondo Island in Lake Victoria

(that's the airport terminal)

Four wheel vehicle approaching had some unexpected visitors
Three guys from China, two of them from Sichuan!
Final flight ...only one passenger!
The runway at Rubondo Island
My pilot ....using navigation, but flying manually
Arusha airport - bitumen runway!

Thank you Lord for a fascinating day. Tanzania a most beautiful country. Small planes stay low, so excellent views of countryside.  Make that spectacular views.

Cost of 5 flights? US$171

Hope many readers can someday visit Tanzania!

In Mwanza I am enjoying the kind hospitality of the Jesuit community at St Francis Xavier Parish ...who are keenly interested in the campaign to warn people about the danger of drug trafficking. Today I'm due to meet some families of Tanzanian inmates in HK prisons