2015-01-17   Tanga - Arusha - Namanga


Quite a few of the Tanzanian inmates in HK prisons collected their heroin from 14th Street in Tanga. So, yesterday morning on the way to Tanga airport, I got my taxi driver to make a detour to 14th Street ....we went up and down ....signs everywhere of poverty, unemployment ...breeding ground for desperate people tempted by easy (?) money from drug trafficking
Arusha, a large and lively place at the top centre of Tanzania. At Arusha airport I bought ticket for next stage of my journey ....having learnt that in this part of the world airports are the best place to buy air tickets! By the way, my pilot to Arusha was from New Zealand, and at Arusha airport I met a pilot from Cairns in Australia.

From Arusha I travelled by mini-van (= 8 seater Toyota, which carried 9) for 90 minute trip to Namanga on the Kenya-Tanzania border, where I'm hoping today to meet several families of Kenyan inmates. Advice from many sources was "don't go into Kenya, not safe, too much violence". So I'm staying on Tz side of the border

Drive to Namanga passed through all sorts of countryside, very similar to Australia. When I remarked to man next to me as we passed banana trees "this is just like Australia", he asked "does Australia have bananas?"

We also passed through lands of the Masai people, who on Saturdays have a most colorful market day, but I was too slow to take a photo of same

My guest house in Namanga is very primitive, but at least has electricity ....and my Vodacom USB modem works. 

Hats on bed to stop me bumping my head

May not need mosie net ...no sign of mosies so far.
As soon as I arrived after very, very hot drive, I immediately had a cold shower,  I mean I used cold water from the drum ...next photo

No running water. Just buckets. Shower water was conveniently used to do a bit of washing