2015-01-16  Pemba and Tanga


After Mass in my Pemba Island hotel room yesterday morning (that's hotel at top of street - white building, maybe a half-star hotel) I asked someone if there was a church in the town (Chake-Chake). "Yes, straight ahead down hill on right, you can see it there". My hotel was chosen by taxi driver of the night before ...and he chose the perfect one for closeness to church!
Last building on right is church ...seen from balcony of hotel. At church, everything locked, but as I started to walk away a seminarian came home ...had just been out to buy bread for breakfast. Perfect timing again. He introduced me to local pastor who DV will follow up with contact of families I've been visiting in many parts of Tanzania. DG!
Since Vodacom USB modem was again sick, I went to a free internet centre which turned out to be the American Centre, sponsored by US Embassy. At another computer shop where I tried to get modem fixed, I met a man whose brother had just been released after 25 (!) years in prison in Addis Ababa (Ehtiopia) for drug trafficking.
Plane for flight from Pemba to Tanga. In Tanga I had evening meal with father and brother of an inmate in a HK prison. Not convenient to post photos, but photos will put a smile on face of the inmate when I return to HK DV. As is case for all families visited, I gave a donation to help with school fees etc (...thank you kind readers in HK, UK, Australia for making this possible)
Thanks to publicity by Tanzania media, a new record has been set for the index page of  www.v2catholic.com  DG!

This website's Facebook page also receiving a surge of likes. Thank you!

A warm welcome to all new readers.
Hope you can often check the site and/or Facebook