2015-01-15  Flight from Dar Es Salaam to Zanzibar (with 10 min stopover),
 then flight from Zanzibar to Pemba Island

12 passenger single propeller ....the smallest plane I've ever been in.
Hope we soon have a pilot ...and God bless him!
A very smooth flight at low altitude ...so great views of earth below
Dar, a sprawling city of c. 3,000,000 people
With surf beaches!
Aiming for island of Zanzibar
Beautiful coral reefs ...just like Australia
Taking off from Zanzibar
Surf coastline of Zanaibar
Coming in to land on Pemba Island
Thank you Lord for two more safe trips!

On Pemba, I was met by relatives of a Tanzanian inmate in a HK prison. We travelled an hour by road to their shanty town home which doesn't have electricity ("too much corruption; basic bill is a rip-off; then you have to give tips to all the various workmen who install the power ...we can't afford it"). Not hard to see why people are tempted by drug-trafficking to get money for their families. Wages are so low here in Tanzania ...that's if you're lucky enough to have a job. High unemployment. Restaurant  staff at hotel I was staying at in Dar earn about US$3 per day ...that's one third the price of a fish and chip meal I had at the restaurant.  Doctor at government hospital I visited in recent days earns about US$4 per day