2015-01-08 and 2015-01-09   Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

After 90 minute flight from Lilongwe (Malawi) to Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) I still couldn't work out the meaning of this notice
Coming in to land in Dar Es Salaam:
- reminds me of Australia
Very dry and sandy and dusty at moment
First job after travel: soak washing
Second job: hang out washing
8 years ago in China I bought some tailor-made shirts ... which are long overdue for retirement.
So, at the suggestion of a local I found a local tailor, a man with a sewing machine on the footpath, who will make me some new shirts.
First step: buy material ...what a busy shop!
But did not have right material (light cotton for HK Summer...) so we went to another shop which turned out to be ...right opposite my hotel!
On way for afternoon visit to cathedral I met 4 new friends and bought them a meal. What you see is their home. Guy on left has only one leg ...and suffers from malaria. Second guy has an infected eye. Thank you for a prayer for them and for all the sick on files of the last few days.