2015-01-07 Visit with HK volunteer Janny Law and local pharmacist Gift
to Kachulu village, near Lifuwu, Malawi

On the way: many children by side of road ...not at school.
Only about 50% of children in this area attend school
People starting to arrive at centre where clinic staff visit each Wednesday
Janny attending to infant with finger nail issue
While waiting for clinic staff to arrive, we walked to nearby school, passing many more children who don't go to school
Kachulu Primary School: 1,000 students, no electricity, no water, 4 teachers short, and several classrooms short


None of the schools in this area has electricity. I have made donation to one school (US$300), have promised same to school in this photo, and DV can help other schools in the area as the year goes on  (..sending money to Janny)

Update May 1, 2015:
Kachulu School now has solar power, thanks to help from a kind Hong Kong friend

A common sight at schools in this part of the world, because of the shortage of classrooms: class under a tree.

This Primary Three class has 108 students (!) ...when they all come to school. Today, only about 40 present

Head and shoulders, knees and TOES!
HEAD and shoulders...
Now we're ready to sing it!
Knees and toes!
Janny and Gift on way back to clinic session.
I stayed for visit to another class (in classroom, where we did "The Wheels on the Bus")

Many Primary Six girls aged around 15. They were forced to leave school a few years ago, given to a man "for marriage" (= to get money for the family), had a baby, and are now back at school.  Unlawful, but common. Law not observed.
In fact old custom here of forcing girls after first period (as in women's health, not as in classroom) to learn how "to serve a man" and getting older boys to learn how to "have a girl" still practised

Clinic nurse provided by Social Islamic Development. With her was a very friendly Imam
Giving out mosquito nets, bought with donation to Janny from HK Yau Ma Tei Sunday night gathering friends! Thank you Michael and Co!
Mosquito nets for this group of pregnant mothers.

Hoping nets will not be used for fishing or gardening purposes!

These nets for women who've had Malaria more than 5 times
Praying for healing and protection from Malaria (Imam in background)
Daughter also a Malaria sufferer
One more Malaria sufferer

Many of these women are solo parents: husbands are in South Africa working (no work in Malawi) ...and often the husband will start another family in SA and abandon his Malawi family

Janny recording medical record
11 year old sitting by himself ....father in South Africa, mother not sure where....boy had not had anything to eat or drink today up to this time (about 10.30am)

And ...he has a deformed hand (from birth)

and....he has never been to school

Janny will follow up for medical check-up and school registration etc


"Aunty" explaining how hand has been deformed since birth.

Readers again invited to pray for this boy and all patients on the website files these days

When Janny heard boy had not had even a drink so far today, she gave him her own bottle of water

Children and adults here drink very little water because they are far from Lake Malawi ....and often far from wells etc

This dear lady is HIV positive
Her home, like 95% of homes in this area, no electricity, no water
Hungry, thirsty, no school books ...yet happy
About half of these children go to school ...walking 1-2 km each way each day
Man is blind in left eye
This lady suffers from asthma and stomach problems
On way back ....people ploughing ...helping each other:
"Today my field, tomorrow yours"
Back at centre where I was staying ...notice how this amazing vehicle is made of bamboo, wire and plastic bottles!
Late afternoon, on arrival in Lilongwe (capital of Malawi):
a brief prison visit, where I was able to shake hands with some of the inmates
About 1,000 inmates, a minimum security centre ...with plenty of space (unlike HK prisons!)