2015-01-06  Lifuwu, Malawi: 
visit with HK volunteer Janny Law and local pharmacist Gift to the homes of sick

Janny and Gift on way to homes of the sick

No paved streets ...just sand

New school semester started yesterday, but lots of children don't attend school
Dominic: paralysed from waist down after traffic accident in 2013.  Has been X-rayed etc, but no follow up by hospital which is seriously short of medical supplies
Encouraging his family to pray for him each day ....and asking kind readers around the world to pray for him ....and to pray for others on this file
Dominic's home, like 95% of homes in Lifuwu, has no electricity, no water. 

Maybe someone someday somewhere can help Dominic get an I-pad  (which can be charged from a next-door neighbour's house)


Two broken ribs
Trying to stay positive
Dominic's home
Lady with arthritis
This elderly lady with Parkinson's Disease really should be in a nursing home. She can stand only with great difficulty and cannot walk.  But no such thing as a nursing home in this part of the world
Janny and Gift hoping to set up a day care centre at local clinic for people such as this
The family home - again, no water, no electricity.
Water has to be obtained from nearby Lake of Malawi
One of several mosques in Lifuwu.
c. half the population is Muslim.
A harmonious relationship exists between Muslims and Christians ....although no one is willing to sell pork at local market
These children on way home from kindergarten
It's what it looks like
Lifuwu blessed with many wide-open spaces
This 9 year old boy, with polio and epilepsy, had never been to school ...until discovered by Janny. His body is weak but his mind is very bright and he enjoys going to school whenever he can
Above boy's younger brother ....also showing signs of polio
Older brother used to be very lonely ...now has lots of friends
Above boys' home - no electricity, no water
Janny very popular with locals as she tries to encourage them to show more concern for hygiene, education etc
Elderly couple with some of their great-grandchildren.
Husband has diabetes, wife has stomach ulcers
Again, asking children to pray each day for the sick members of their family
No table and chairs at these homes. Just a mat on the ground
I've seen concrete table tennis tables in HK, but this is the first time I've seen a concrete snooker table!