2015-01-05 Visit with HK volunteer Janny Law to poor areas on side of Lake Malawi:  53 photos!

- Chiutila Centre, the poorest school I've ever seen: four walls, a roof and nothing else. Thanks to HK friends I was able to make a donation of US$100 to buy blackboard, chalk, chairs, some books ...and a lock for the door

- Lifuwu clinic ....seriously short of even basic equipment (...donation of US$100) 

- Lifuwu primary school..... 10 teachers short . I'm hoping to sponsor two new teachers. No electricity ... not provided by govt so I donated US$300. Janny will supervise electricity installation + hiring of new teachers + a plan to encourage older girls to stay at school (...big drop out ...early marriage, as in money for family by giving away daughters)

-  Lifuwu village (including Catholic Church)

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Today was the first day of a new semester. But many dozens of children not at school ...parents don't insist kids stay go to school, stay at school. Some kids also helping with farming etc