2015-01-02   Dar es Salaam

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A common method here of alerting people to a hole in the road

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Not sure if there's also a men's bank
2015-01-02Dar03.JPG (317905 bytes) After 7am Mass (attended by 400 people) at St Joseph's Cathedral
2015-01-02Dar04.JPG (366505 bytes) How does she do it?!
2015-01-02Dar05.JPG (341521 bytes) Family of HK university student and mother of HK university student....with same heartbreaking stories of hopeless situation trying to pay school fees for start of school year in coming week
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2015-01-02Dar08.JPG (420594 bytes) How does he do it?!
2015-01-02Dar07.JPG (396575 bytes) Today's exchange rates