2015-01-01  Dar Es Salaam

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2015-01-01Dar01.JPG (405636 bytes) Daughter of lady in blue is a HK "university student"
2015-01-01Dar02.JPG (341331 bytes)
2015-01-01Dar03.JPG (393939 bytes) Walking on footpaths of Dar means watching out all the time for holes etc


2015-01-01Dar04.JPG (384360 bytes) A public holiday today, but the same scene every day: large groups of unemployed men just sitting around for most of the day
2015-01-01Dar05.JPG (368601 bytes)
26 year old man in blue is Crispin, born blind. Tz government (like most African governments) gives 0.00000 to support people like him. So his sister (holding baby) and his other sister and brother spend a lot of time begging on the streets to help their family survive. Thanks to kind HK friends, I was able to give this family a donation to cover one month's school fees for the two younger siblings (the school year starts next Monday and school fees are a big concern for many families)

The more I see of the poverty and hopelessness of the people here, the more I can understand why HK's Tz inmates were persuaded to become drug traffickers .....to try to get money for their families

It's not convenient for me to put photos/details of some of the people I'm visiting these days.
e.g.  one lady whose daughter is a HK university student.  Daughter was persuaded by Drug Lord to become pregnant, and then when obviously pregnant, to consume drug capsules and go to HK ....with the aim of avoiding X-ray checks because pregnant. Baby was born in HK and spent its first year with mother in the hospital section of the prison. Baby now in a HK orphanage until mother is released in about 5 years time ...for trip back to Tanzania.