2014  Photos


2014-12-30 at HK Airport ....and 2014-12-31 in Dar Es Salaam!

2014-12-24  Swahili edition of Dr Jesus (translated by inmates) received from printer today. DG!

2014-12-04    Received from printer today 3,000 copies of Thai edition of Doctor Jesus

2014-11-14   Tagalog (Philippines) edition of Doctor Jesus received from printer

2014-10-19   Blessing of the sick, St Paul's, Yau Ma Tei - with special visitor Fr Gilberto Pin O.M.I.

2014-10-16  St Teresa's Church, Kowloon:  Wedding of Jason Wong and Lisa Lee

2014-09-30 Many photos of HK student democracy protests (Sep 30 to Oct 3)

2014-08-29  A-Cheung, professional hairdresser  - getting started again after recent holiday at Hei Ling Chau

2014-08-14   Arrival at Jordan Centre of Doctorr Jesus, Indonesian edition - DG!

2014-07-30  Day of concern for Gaza

2014-07-11    Received from printer today: 3,000 copies of Doctor Jesus (Chinese Traditional characters) 

   One of 15 Hong Kong polling stations for today's unofficial referendum on democracy: Saint Paul's, Yau Ma Tei

2014-06-07 Arrival at Jordan Centre of Chinese edition of Simple Bible: New Testament

2014-05-28   Cousin Kathleen Marson and I at refugee protest in Central

2014-05-24  Visit to Matteo Ricci Center by my cousins Kath Marson (Sydney)  and her son Stephen (teaching in HK)

2014-04-14  Arrival from printer of Hindi edition of Doctor Jesus - Thank you Lord!

2014-04-14  Visit to Matteo Ricci Center by Joseph Mula, a foundation student of Iona College, Brisbane

2014-04-04   Visit to Lai Chi Kok Detention Centre by Dicky Cheung Wai Kin,  Ben Kuen Ping Yiu & chaplains of Lai Chi Kok

2014-03-29  Visit to Matteo Ricci Centre by "Brother" Bruce Aitken

2014-03-27  Visit to Matteo Ricci Center by Professor Richard Rigby  

2014-03-19  Gathering for special guests at Jordan centre of the Community of Saint Egidio

Visit to Matteo Ricci Center by Fran and Melanie  from the International Ladies Club of Macau

2014-03-17  With Cardinal Orly Quevedo O.M.I. of the Philippines at Notre Dame in HK

2014-03-12 Refugee occupation near Social Welfare Department Office in Wanchai

2014-02-15  Visit to Matteo Ricci Centre by dear friends Daisy, Edmond, David, Herbie, Howard, Ruby and Scuby

2014-02-08   Visit to Matteo Ricci Centre by Pauline, Tommy and Nicholas

2014-01-25   At Manly, Brisbane, JW with Bob and Myrna Taylor

2014-01-12   Happy Brisbane reunion at Kempnich home, Wynnum

2014-01-11  Visit to Brisbane home of Robert, Julia and Henry