2014-12-30 at HK Airport ....and 2014-12-31 in Dar Es Salaam!

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Blessing no. 1: because of items for clinic/school in Malawi and items for inmate's family in Tanzania ....and 500 copies of Swahili Dr Jesus ...my luggage weighed 34.something kg ...but allowed by kind Cathay Pacific staff.
Blessing no.2: safe and smooth flights from HK to Qatar and from Qatar to Dar es Salaam

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Dar es Salaam airport ...not exactly the most action-packed place on the planet. Blessing no.3: I was given a visa (not rejected as might have happened because of my "don't take drugs to HK" campaign)

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Following good Australian holiday custom: spent time at airport on arrival to get mobile phone card, USB modem etc

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USB modem cost US$35 for a month, with unlimited use. Because of recent credit card thefts in Tanzania, I am following lead of many local people: money now in phone account rather than bank!

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Went to Tanzanian Bishops' Conference retreat centre where I'd tried by email and phone to book a room ...only to find place closed down for Christmas-New Year.
So kind taxi driver took me to a local hotel with great view. (Blessing 4)

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Dar reminds me of Guanzhou 30 years ago. Very friendly but very unemployed people, people trying to eke out a living selling small items by side of road, pollution smell from unregulated vehicles....with need to have one eye on ground for holes etc as you walk

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St Joseph's Cathedral, just near hotel (blessing 5)

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    Cathedral grotto with sincere pray-ers

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Last day of year prayer

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City river

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Well-made streets

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Everywhere ...large groups of unemployed men just sitting around