2013 Photos


2013-12-28  Visit to Matteo Ricci Centre by Vincent from Melbourne (kind editor of the Facebook edition of www.v2catholic.com)

2013-12-25   Christmas Day evening party for the poor, arranged by the Community of Saint Egidio

2013-12-23  Visit to Matteo Ricci Centre by Deacon Edwin Ng  and Fr Sebastian (Asian delegate of Prison Pastoral Care)

2013-12-22   Visit to Matteo Ricci Centre by former Zhaoqing CAS teacher Liam and Hao

2013-11-30  One thousand copies of "Dook Hoi",  the story of how Ben Keung Bing Yu came off drugs by Jesus' power

2013-11-12    Visit to Hong Kong by dear friends from Zhaoqing: Joanne, Lina, Nicole, Danny, Mandy and Candy

2013-11-10  Visit to HLC Drug Treatment Centre by Dicky Cheung Wai Kin,  Ben Kuen Ping Yiu  and Catholic pastoral teams

2013-09-28   Visit to Matteo Ricci Centre by dear friend from Australia Fr John O'Doherty OMI

2013-09-19  Photos from Church gathering in Jilin in northeast China

2013-09-10   Reports in HK Catholic paper The Kung Kao Po - re our work for the poor

2013-09-08  HK South China Morning Post - re the reporting of suicide in HK

2013-08-19   From the printer today:  500 copies of Doctor Jesus - Urdu edition. Mainly for prison inmates from Pakistan and India

2013-08-11   Sunday night gathering at St Paul's, Yau Ma Tei, with special guest Vicar General Fr Dominic Chan

2013-07-28   Sunday night gathering for ex-inmates and other poor people at St Paul's Yau Ma Tei

2013-07-28  Praying for healing at St Paul's, Yau Ma Tei

2013-07-22   Catholic Diocese Stand at annual Hong Kong Book Fair - thank you Maria, Stephanie, Philip, Daniel and Mr Wan

2013-07-07  Sunday night gathering at St Paul's,Yau Ma Tei, with special guests Ben Keung Bing Yiu and team

2013-07-06  Monthly Mass at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

2013-07-06   Meeting with Ambassador Philip S. Marmo and Counsellor Edmund Juma Kitokezi  from the Beijing Embassy of Tanzania

2013-07-04    Volunteer A-Sang (with Dr Jesus boards) setting out from Matteo Ricci Center for a few hours at the Star Ferry Terminal

2013-06-15    Received from printer today: 2,000 copies of Simple Bible - New Testament  (English)

2013-05-31  Article about Pope Francis on learning English page of HK's quality newspaper, Ming Pao

2013-05-27  Good news story in HK's South China Morning Post:   01   02    Couple's website       Many Facebook photos 

2013-05-04   Arrival at Ricci Centre, Jordan, of re-printed Chinese edition of Simple Bible: Old Testament.  DG!

2013-04-15   New Dr Jesus board, received from Print Shop today

2013-04-11    Received today:  3,000 Dr Jesus & 30 copies "Duk Hoi" - DG!

2013-03-19   Yet another happy day:  the arrival at Ricci Centre of Vietnamese edition of Dr Jesus

2013-03-11   Another happy day: arrival at Ricci Center, Jordan, of Spanish Doctor Jesus - DG!

2013-03-09  Visit to Ricci Centre and to nearby site of new fast rail station by a very special family

2013-03-07    Fast train - Rachel - St Andrew's

2013-02-23  Happy reunion at Jordan Ricci Centre  with former CAS teachers Josie (Australia) and Oliver (China)

2013-02-19 After 7am Mass at Notre Dame Chapel, Kowloon.  1973-2013  DG!

2013-02-17 Sunday night gathering for ex-inmates and other poor people at St Paul's, Yau Ma Tei

2013-02-09   After visit to Bible Society to get Bibles for prisoners

2013-01-29   Wynnum, Brisbane: After happy gathering at home of  Jan & Kerry

2013-01-13  Happy re-union for special friends at home of Elvin & Doris Kempnich, Brisbane

,04,05,07  Happy cousins' gatherings in Sydney