Photos -2005

2005-11-08 OMI meeting at Tung Chung in Hong Kong

2005-10-04 Gathering at Southport, Gold Coast, Australia, for past and future CAS China teachers

2005-08-21 Hong Kong: Fr Stan Sun o.m.i. at Little Sisters of the Poor Aged Home, Sheung Shui

2005-08-16 Wynnum, Brisbane: friends from long ago: Max & Lenore

2005-08-16 Hemmant Cemetary, Brisbane: McGrath Family grave

2005-08-03 & 2005-08-05 Re-union with former China teachers Bro Scho, Josie, Pam & Bruce

2005-07-23 Re-union at Wynnum, Brisbane, for CAS friends

2005-07-18 from Japan: how to build an airport in the sea

2005-07-13 O.M.I. meeting at Tung Chung in Hong Kong

2005-06 Irek o.m.i. working at leprosy centre in Northern China

2005-06-30 From the space shuttle Columbia: Africa & Europe at sunset - thank you Pam!

2005-05-07 Annual OMI retreat, led by Fr Ron Rolheiser omi,  on Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong

2005-02-17  OMI  Feast Day gathering at Tung Chung in Hong Kong

2005-01-01,02    Happy New Year from Hong Kong - Notre Dame & Mui Wo