Photos   1985-1994


1985-01-14 Brisbane Airport

1985-03-18  Course of Buddhism

1985-1990  Australia, Hong Kong, Mainland

Notre Dame  1985-1994

OMI & Visitors'  1985-1994

1987-05-19 JW's  first visit to Zhaoqing

1987-1988 Hong Kong Oblate News 

1987-1988 Hong Kong, Australia

1989-12-03   South China Morning Post reports re babies of illegal immigrants + situation of Vietnamese refugees

c. 1990: Hike to Big Wave Bay, New Territories

1991-1992 Australia, Hong Kong, Mainland

June 1991: Notre Dame Pilgrimage to Shanghai

February 10-12, 1992, Shanghai

September 1992: Notre Dame Pilgrimage to Beijing

1992-12-24  SCMP re "Rice for Life" Oxfam campaign

c. 1992? Notre Dame Easter Baptisms

1993  Hong Kong, Mainland

1994 Notre Dame English Club

1994  HK/China friends pilgrimage to Australia; visitors at Leilani Court

April-May 1994: The Story of Anna Bakhita in Guangzhou

June 13  1994: Notre Dame Pilgrimage to Zhaoqing, with Mons. Brian Walsh of Melbourne

1994  (June?) Notre Dame Pilgrimage to Shangchuan