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Africa: Contemporary African Music & Arts Archive
Anglican Online Hymnal
Asia Newslink: Asia's Main Newspapers - excellent!

Australia: ABC News
Australia: ABC - Four Corners  
Australia: AFL (football) home page

Australia: Gold Coast

Australia: Hotkey
Australia: Jobs - +100,000 job vacancies  
Australia: Monash University, Melbourne
Australia: Qld - Longreach - 4LG Radio Station
Australia: SBS News

Australia: School Friends.Com

Australia: Skin Centre (Gold Coast)  

Australia: Sports Results
Australia: Sydney Chinese Catholic Community
Australia: White Pages
Australia: Whitsunday Islands

Bangladesh: Sambad Bengali Internet Daily  March 2001
BBC - Learn English
BBC - News

Bible: Audio Bible Online - listen to the Bible! (great for learning English - read & listen at the same time, on screen!)
Bible: Bible Quiz Links (dozens of Bible Quiz sites!)

Billings Ovulation Method Home Page
Centre for the Study of Culture & Values (Catholic University of America) - papers published here  

China: AITECE - teachers wanted for China  
China: China8.org  

Chinese: Learn Cantonese  & Mandarin on Line

Computer: Google Search Engine in many languages  
Computers: MailStart: E-mail access to any provider
Computers: Netscape: international versions
Computers: Register.Com : Domain Names
Computers: Tucows - software
Computers: Virus Information Center

Cyberangels - English  
Directories: white pages, maps, email addresses
Disneyland: Surfswellisland  

Easter: Rosie's Easter Basket
& About Holy Week  

Enclopedia Britannica
English-on-line: Anne's Page  
Family First

Genealogy: Cyndi's list: Internet Genealogy sites
Genealogy: Mormon international records
History: "The best search for historical items"
Homeschooling: About.com
Homeschooling: Blackboard.com
Hymns - Christian Songs

India: Express India  
India: Live Indian TV!  
India: Rajasthan Patrika

India: The Sikh Network  
InfoPlease: The world's largest free reference site (massive!)  

Jehovah Witnesses: Beacon Light for Former JW's
Kids 4 Truth  
Life Issues: Clear Thinking about Critical Issues  
Macau:  Communications Centre
Medecins Sans Frontieres (International)    MSF (Hong Kong)  
Michael Moore

Mormons: Mormon Research Ministry
Names - English Names

Net Aid
National Geographic Magazine
Olympic Museum
Pakistan: Daily Jang Newspaper - Urdu
Philippines: Zamboanga City
Panic Attack & Anxiety Disorder Information
Phone code and local time of all countries - Country Calling Codes.com
Project Gutenberg: Famous books available on the Internet

Radio Stations: Radio-Locator. Links to 10,000 radio stations world-wide

Reader's Digest  
Recipes - for cooking!  
Repairs - advice: Do It Yourself
Seniors on the Net Singapore: Information Site  
Storywise: Reports from around the world
Strokes: Life after a stroke; reducing risk of strokes  

Translation: AltaVista
TV Stations: More than 600 stations from many countries
UK: The Guardian

USA: American Family Association  
Vietnamese: Vietnamese Catholic Network

Whowhere: search for people/e-mail addresses
Wormfarms (waste-disposal; increase crop yield)