Books in my library              see also:  China library   

Albom, Mitch The Five People you meet in Heaven **

Baunard: Ozanam in his Correspondence ***** Biography of 21 year old founder of St Vincent de Paul Society.   Also inspiring in today's needy  world: Manual of the Society of St Vincent De Paul in Australia

Browning, Valerie  Maalika ***** Australian Christian nurse Valerie Browning & her Muslim husband Ismael have spent 30 years helping famine victims in Ethiopia.  An inspiring story.

Carothers, Merlin   (the "Praise" series, more than 17,000,000 sold)
Prison to Praise *****
Power in Praise *****
Bringing Heaven into Hell *****
Walking and Leaping *****

Carter, Jimmy
Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid ***** Essential reading for understanding of Middle East situation
and see: Carter's response to criticism of this book

Cozzens, Donald:
Freeing Celibacy ***** Shows how celibacy is a very special gift which many/most priests don't have
The Changing Face of the Priesthood ***** Excellent treatment of several elephants in room (compulsory celibacy; homosexuality etc)

Dalrymple, William  (see his website links for hundreds of excellent articles)
From the Holy Mountain ***** Essential for understanding the decline of Christianity in Europe and the Middle East ...and elsewhere if the mistake of the past are repeated

Dear, John  - A Persistent Peace   *****  (see his website for so much excellent material )

de Chardin, Teilhard - many books, especially "The Future of Mankind" ***** (Teilhard lived in Beijing for many years)

Fischer, Louis  - Gandhi  *****  Sir Richard Attenborough's movie based on this book. Gandhi a rival to St Francis as the most Christ-like man ever to walk this earth.  "This book changed my life" (Attenborough) 

Franklin, Jentezen  Fasting **** Good book for season of Lent and any other time

Gibson, David: The Coming Catholic Church **** Mainly about USA church, but lots of important information

Girzone,  Joseph (The "Joshua" series, more than 3,000,000 sold....cannot recommend highly enough)
Joshua *****
Joshua and the Children *****
The Shepherd *****
Joshua in the Holy Land *****
Never Alone ****
Joshua and the City ****
Joey *
A Portrait of Jesus *****
Joshua: the Homecoming ****
Jesus, His Life and Teachings ***
The Parables of Joshua ****
Who Will Teach Me? A Handbook for Parents ****
Who is God? ***
The Messenger ****
Trinity **
Joshua in a Troubled World ***
My Struggle with Faith ***
Joshua's Family ***

Goodrich, Janet:  Natural Vision Improvement  ***** How to improve eyesight and reduce/cancel need for glasses

Goulding, June The Light in the Window *****Distressing true story of life in church  home for unmarried mothers in 1950's Ireland

Green, Toby  Inquisition, the Reign of Fear **** Shows how Inquisition was as much to do with politics as with religion

Gumbell, Nicky Questions of Life  Part of the Alpha series which has been used by more than two million people

Hamlin, Dr Catherine  - The Hospital by the River  *****

Hattaway, Paul: all books below available from Asia Harvest:

 From Headhunters to Church Planters.  (2006). ****  The story of an amazing spiritual awakening in Nagaland in North East India.  The chapters re India's genocide of some 200,000  Naga people in the 1950s is particularly moving

Hollows, Fred  Autobiography *****  A truly inspiring book

Jackman, Stuart - The Davidson Affair   *****

Jentezen, Franklin:  Fasting   ***  (food for thought indeed)

*****  John Paul 2:  SUNDAY - THE LORD'S DAY  (in Quiz form - ideal for pastoral use)

MacNutt, Francis  (maybe the best of all authors on healing)
Here is a full list of his excellent books, all of which I give ******

McAll, Dr Kenneth (born in China, interned in same POW camp with Eric Liddell of "Chariots of Fire")
Healing the Family Tree *****
A Guide to Healing the Family Tree *****
(these books show how present day illnesses can be cured by prayers for past events. I wish I had read these books 30 years ago
......I could have been much more use to many more people)

Mendell, David  - Obama, From Promise to Power   *****  Provides extra info to that found in "Dreams From My Father" and "The Audacity of Hope" (see below, Obama)

Monbiot, George
The Age of Consent  - excellent treatment of globalization *****  My special review

Moore, Michael
Stupid White Men ****
Dude, Where's the Country? ***
(anti-war, but pro-abortion)

Muggeridge, Malcolm  Something Beautiful for God  ***** The story of Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Obama, Barack  
Dreams From My Father  *****  
The Audacity of Hope ****

Pearson, Mark A  -  Christian Healing   ***

Peterson, Eugene H.
***     Eat This Book - The Art of Spiritual Reading
***** Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work   (1995 Interview with EP) (& U2)
***** Reversed Thunder (The Book of Revelation)
***** Run With The Horses (Jeremiah) 
***     The Contemplative Pastor
*****  Under the Unpredictable Plant (Jonah)

Rusesabagina, PaulAn Ordinary Man  ***** (how he saved 1,200 people at his hotel during the genocide in Rwanda)

Sachs, Jeffrey   
The End of Poverty  ***** (hard to put down once you start reading)

Sanford, Agnes: (Francis MacNutt's teacher)....she was born in China in 1897....died in USA in 1982):
***** Sealed Orders (her autobiography
*****The Healing Light  
*****The Healing Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Scanlan, Michael: Let the Fire Fall *****

Suenens, Cardinal L.J.  Baudouin, King of the Belgians  ***** True story of King Baudouin, died 1993.   Queen Elizabeth broke with tradition and attended this king's funeral in person - such was his stature of goodness. A truly inspiring book

Underhill, Evelyn The Spiritual Life *** 1937 classic

For Young People (13-15)
*** Preparing For Life (..the meaning of life..)   Html copy   PDF copy
*** Friend For Life (..who Jesus is..)